Beaugrenelle, the first shopping center in France to accept cryptocurrencies

Beaugrenelle, the first shopping center in France to accept cryptocurrencies

Want to do your crypto shopping? – The trend is causing some to prophesy the imminent end of cryptos. Others, on the contrary, give them more and more credit. A simple conviction, which is based on the concrete and regular progress of technology. Witness the ever-increasing number of blockchain incursions into the real economy, far removed from immediate market fluctuations. Today, the Beaugrenelle shopping center, located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, is entering the supporters’ club thanks to Tezos.

Paying for groceries in crypto is (almost) possible in Beaugrenelle

From Wednesday, customers of the Parisian shopping center will be able to buy the Beaugrenelle gift card thanks to a panel of 21 cryptocurrencies such as XTZ and the EURL. The 110 shops and restaurants in the shopping complex accept the card. Thus, from June 8, the public will be able to familiarize themselves with new means of payment directly on site. A significant step towards an adoption that will be massive, no doubt.

“The acceptance of cryptocurrencies for the purchase of our gift card is still proof of this today and we are happy to be the first to be able to offer it. »

Stéphane Briosne, director of Beaugrenelle Paris

Crypto purchases are possible at the Beaugrenelle shopping center

In order to promote simplicity and adoption of future technology, customers see the amount of their purchases in euros, as well as the equivalence in cryptocurrency, displayed on the dedicated application each time. The QR code is then generated. The partner merchant only has to scan it to validate the transaction. The gift card is thus debited and payment is immediately made in euros.

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Tezos and its LYZI wallet, the missing crypto-link

The technical implementation is credit to the Tezos team and the wallet LYZI which offers many very useful features in this context. Indeed, the application allows you to buy, sell and use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. In addition, you can thus earn loyalty points and/or possibly receive real money cashbackor in various cryptos such as Tezos.

“We are convinced that blockchain should be an essential component of the financial and retail ecosystem. We already have 1,500 connected points of sale in pre-marketing. »

Damien Patureaux, CEO of LYZI wallet

The Tezos blockchain network is the preferred partner for this major development, thanks among other things to its LYZI wallet, which can store many coins such as BTC and SOL, and which has very useful capacities in the context of e-commerce.
Tezos is the blockchain network on which the crypto operation in Beaugrenelle is built

In this operation, LYZI has joined forces with a leading French player. Indeed, Zebitex is a exchange historical French registered as PSAN. We trade more than 20 crypto references daily while enjoying passive returns stamped DeFi. On the occasion of this partnership, the XTZ token will be part of this list. Users will be able to trade or stake their Tezos tokens directly on the platform.

An alliance that is only the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, while these 2 players are jointly creating the EAZY token to offer many advantages to merchants and consumers alike, other major partners are committed to the same approach. We can cite here the Lugh consortium, at the origin of the EURL token, and which includes the Casino group and its 11,000 stores or the company, a French network of real estate agencies with 450 agencies. Far from volatile prices and hot news, the ecosystem grows and spreads smoothly. For the crypto revolution, go to Beaugrenelle.

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