ALG (0-2): At the end of boredom, the Greens continue

ALG (0-2): At the end of boredom, the Greens continue

For this second day of qualifying for the 2023 African Cup of Nations, Algeria traveled to Tanzania.

Gone is the month of March and its share of pain for the National Team, which must now focus on the next deadlines to bounce back. The next deadline, precisely, is that of CAN 2023, which will be played next summer in Côte d’Ivoire.

To achieve this and wash away the affront of the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon, Algeria will have to overcome this group F where it is accompanied by Uganda, Niger and therefore Tanzania.

After the victory at the Stade du 5 Juillet against Uganda (2-0), Algeria moved to Dar Es Salam, the former capital of Tanzania, with the firm intention of continuing its momentum. Djamel Belmadi, for the occasion, made some changes in his starting 11: Moustapha Zeghba, Ahmed Touba, Adem Zorgane and Rachid Ghezzal were thus replaced by Raïs M’Bolhi, Abdelkader Bedrane, Sofiane Bendebka and Adam Ounas.

A soporific first half but that ends well

If the Greens seemed, on paper, to leave in 4-3-3, it is actually a 4-1-4-1 that Djamel Belmadi aligned, with a low point embodied by Ramiz Zerrouki. On a difficult ground and facing a transition team that is regrouping well, not much happens for nearly a quarter of an hour, despite good crosses from Benayada and Bensebaïni. The refereeing, for its part, is severe and strict, Islam Slimani collecting a card from the 3rd minute of play for dispute.

Following a contact (in the area, moreover), which had to wake up muscle pain, Sofiane Bendebka was forced to give way to Adem Zorgane (16 ‘). As much to say it clearly, the first shot on target only arrived after half an hour, a sign of the weakness of the meeting. It was then that both teams started to take more risks. Ounas, Benayada and Bensebaïni are the main dangers for the Greens.

At the very end of the half, Bensebaïni enters the area and should have obtained a penalty. It does not matter since Algeria obtains a free kick just behind that Youcef Belaïli kicks, diverts Aïssa Mandi and concludes … Ramy Bensebaïni, who does justice to himself (0-1).

A second half undermined by technical waste but ultimately victorious

At the break, Djamel Belmadi decides to take out Adam Ounas, probably injured, and brings in Mohamed El Amine Amoura. The false rhythm of the first period also made its return from the locker room and it was not until the 56th minute to see a good action on the Algerian side. Amoura overflows and crosses for Belaïli, alone at the far post, who fails to find the target on his diving header. Amoura, again, handing over the header for Slimani who sees the referee, very strict in his management of the match, whistle a fault for a minimal contact.

For the rest, the technical waste of the match is abominable. The passes are missed, the checks too, the centers too. The fatigue of the players, exhausted by a long season, is clearly felt. For nearly 30 minutes, absolutely nothing happens. Belmadi finally tries to react by taking out Slimani and Bensebaïni for Brahimi and Touba, then calling Belaïli back to give Benayad a first cape.

The Greens gradually regain their footing and Amoura, who had wasted a few balls, overflows then shoots the post before having a second chance thanks to Billal Brahimi, who allows him to shoot the opposing goalkeeper (0-2). The way was not there either, although the reasons for explanation are present, but the essential is there: Algeria continues and can work serenely for the future.


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