AEW Dynamite Results for June 8, 2022

AEW Dynamite Results for June 8, 2022

AEW Dynamite Independence, Mo.

The commentators are Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur.

– Tonight is AEW Dynamite, the show starts with the commentators who welcome us. The first group of wrestlers arrive in the ring for the Battle Royal.

Main event contender – Casino Battle Royal

Participants: Darby Allin, Tony Nese, Daniel Garcia, Lance Archer, Eddie Kingston, Ricky Starks, Jake Hager, Rey Fenix, Swerve Strickland, Keith Lee, John Silver, Konosuke Takeshita, Max Caster, Austin Gunn, Billy Gunn, Powerhouse Hobbs, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, Dante Martin, Wheeler Yuta and Andrade El Idolo

During the match :

  • Keith Lee eliminates wrestlers, but his partner Strickland takes the opportunity to push him down the ring and eliminate him!
  • The joker who arrives last is Andrade who returns following his marriage.

When the fight ended, Andrade, Yuta, Fenix ​​and O’Reilly remained in the ring. Andrade blocks a jump from Fenix’s corner with a kick and wants to take him out of the ring, but Fenix ​​grabs a cable and comes back. Fenix ​​goes Springboard, but Andrade blocks him with a Low Blow and throws him down the ring. Andrade and O’Reilly team up to attack Yuta. Andrade charges at Yuta while O’Reilly holds him back, but the two throw him out of the ring! O’Reilly and Yuta face off on the apron trading blows, O’Reilly hits his knee on a cable and gives him a Running Boot to eliminate him.

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

– Behind the scenes, Jon Moxley says he’s been in AEW for three years and it didn’t work well with NJPW like he wanted. A strange year lately. In January he said he was going to take professional wrestling by the balls. With respect, Kyle O’Reilly is going to end up with the wrong person tonight. This chance for the AEW title and the Forbidden Door is his. On June 26 we will have a moment that he has been waiting for for three years. All sport is his.

– Back after the break, Jim Ross announces that the operation on CM Punk’s leg went well today. The doctor is happy with the result and we will have more newz soon.

– It is announced that we will have a new championship under the name of ”All Atlantic Championship” in AEW in order to represent all countries. Qualifying to become the champion begins tonight and the final will take place at Forbidden Door in a 4-Way Match.

AEW All Atlantic Championship Tournament – First Round

Buddy Matthews vs. Pac

At the end of the fight, Pac does a Poison Rana to Matthews. Pac follows up with a Drop Kick against the corner and gets on the corner for his Black Arrow for the three count.

Winner: Pac

– After the fight, Rey Fenix ​​and Penta arrive to celebrate with Pac who will have the chance to be in the 4-Way Match for Forbidden Door.

– Behind the scenes, Eddie Kingston says Jake Hager cost him his chance to be world champion. Daniel Garcia, he hates him. He also hates 2point0. Chris Jericho, he too will catch it. Now he wants to face Jake Hager at Rampage on Friday.

– Back, Trent Beretta is in the ring and takes the microphone. Beretta says today was supposed to be best friends day and her friends aren’t here. Something else bothers him too. He and Rocky Romero had a match for the ROH Tag Team Titles. They didn’t win or lose. So he thinks they deserve another title match. FTR enters the ring. Cash Wheeler says they are fighting champions. Trent is right, they didn’t lose and they didn’t win. So it’s not enough for them. They want to show every night that they are the best team on the planet. Dax Harwood says Trent is alone tonight, he understands that, so the game won’t happen tonight. But Beretta’s problem should be with the guys who disrupted the game. The music of United Empire starts and Will Ospreay come on the scene! The other members of United Empire arrive from the other side to attack Beretta and FTR from behind! Ospreay finishes the attack with his Running Elbow on Beretta. United Empire celebrates in force in the ring.

– Behind the scenes, Tony Schiavone is with Kyle O’Reilly and William Regal. Regal says he’s said a lot of things to them over the years. But tonight he faces Jon Moxley, is he really sure? He must think of his friends and family before the game. Regal wishes him luck and says it will be difficult to comment while his head is being crushed. O’Reilly says he always thinks of his friends and family before his games. He came to AEW to face the best and fight for the AEW title. Tonight he had the chance to do both. Adam Cole wishes him good luck.

– Adam Cole takes his place with the commentators for the next game.

Singles Match

David Finlay vs. Adam Hangman Page

At the end of the fight, Finlay goes into Cross Body, but Page catches him, Finlay knocks him down into a quick count, but Page resists. Finlay pushes Page back into the corner and German Suplexes him, but Page falls to his feet and German Suplexes him. Page continues with his Slingshot Clothesline for the three count.

Winner: Adam Page

– After the fight, Adam Page takes the microphone. Page says he has a lot to say about the AEW Global Championship. But tonight’s not the night for that. He wasn’t in the Battle Royal tonight and it doesn’t look like he’ll have a title shot anytime soon. But there is no single championship in professional wrestling. So at Forbidden Door he wants the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship and he wants Okada ! Adam Cole stops him and asks if it’s serious. Okada may not be the champion, it may be his friend Jay White. Cole says Page is no longer a champion, he won the Owen Hart Tournament. If anyone deserves a shot at the IWGP Championship, it’s him because he’s the newest player. Page’s moment has passed. Whether we like to admit it or not, AEW has always been based on him. Page had better stay away.

– Backstage earlier today, Thunder Rosa challenged anyone for their Women’s Championship. Marina Shafir arrives and accepts the challenge.

– Tony Schiavone is in the ring and introduces us wardlow. Schiavone says Wardlow decided not to participate in the show-opening Battle Royal, but why? Wardlow welcomes us to his world. Wardlow says he didn’t want to participate in the Battle Royal. The reason is that CM Punk is our champion, so if he doesn’t beat CM Punk, he doesn’t want the title. So CM Punk has to heal and he’ll be the first to wait for it. Now there’s a title he wants, a title that brings a lot of respect, but some men have destroyed that respect. A title he won three months ago and has never forgotten. He wants the TNT championship! It’s time for a change. Scorpio Sky arrives with its TNT title. Dan Lambert arrives and prevents him from getting into the ring. Wardlow says he’s ready when Sky is no longer injured.

– Behind the scenes, Mark Sterling says Wardlow shouldn’t focus on that. Wardlow can’t tear up legal documents in the ring. Wardlow doesn’t seem to understand what he’s saying. Since he’s a good boy, Wardlow can face him in court with security guards or Wardlow can face 20 security guards in an elimination match next week. Otherwise Wardlow will have to pay.

– Back, behind the scenes, we find the Young Bucks. Matt Jackson says it’s been a great week lately. They won two games, the Bucks are back strong. They also want to regain their tag team titles. Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy arrive. Matt says they were listening to their message. At Double or Nothing they won against the Bucks, so if anyone deserves a title match it’s them! Christian Cage and Jurassic Express arrive. Christian says you have to earn the title match, they don’t give the match that way. Christian is issuing a challenge for both teams next week at Dynamite. Les Hardy vs. Bucks vs. Jurassic Express in AEW Tag Team Titles Ladder Match ! Matt says the idea is fantastic.

AEW Women’s Championship – Singles Match

Marina Shafir vs. Thunder Rosa (c)

At the end of the fight, the two wrestlers make a series of blows and counts. Rosa finally manages to turn a Roll Up in her favor and nail the three count.

Winner: Thunder Rosa

– After the fight, Rosa celebrates her victory, but Shafir kicks her in the back. Shafir knocks her back to the ground and applies an Arm Bar to her. Toni Storm arrives in the ring to stop the submission and thrash Shafir. Storm does a German Suplex to Shafir and Rosa continues with her Thunder Driver. Storm returns the women’s title to Rosa, but demonstrates to her that she wants the title.

– Backstage, Tony Schiavone is with Jade Cargill and the Baddies. Cargill says no one can care about their case. Stokely Hathaway says they settled their case with Athena, but Anna Jay and Kris Statlander decided to add to the story. Statlander will have to face Red Velvet this Friday at Rampage to pay the price.

– Commentators announce for Friday at Rampage: Velvet vs Statlander, FTR and Trent Beretta vs Will Ospreay and Aussie Open, the duo of Jay Lethal and Satnam Singh will be in action, Hook and Danhausen will speak, and Jake Hager vs Eddie Kingston . For next Wednesday at Dynamite special Road Rager: Jericho vs Ortiz in Hair vs Hair, Wardlow in a Handicap Match against 20 security guards, Miro vs Ethan Page for the Atlantic tournament and the 3-Way Ladder Match for the AEW tag team titles.

– Back, the wrestlers arrive, William Regal takes his place with the commentators.

AEW Global Championship contender interim – Singles Match

The winner will go into the match for Forbidden Door.

Kyle O’Reilly vs Jon Moxley

At the end of the fight, Moxley cut O’Reilly. Moxley sets up for a Pile Driver, but O’Reilly knocks him down with a Triangle. Moxley pushes him away, but O’Reilly catches him for a Leg Lock. Moxley punches him away and Pile Drivers him to cover, but O’Reilly resists. The two get up and trade blows. Moxley manages to catch it for a Bulldog Choke between punches. O’Reilly resists, Moxley hits him with a Running Knee. Moxley follows up with a Paradigm Shift for the three count.

Winner: Jon Moxley

The show ends with a celebration of Jon Moxley.

photo credit: AEW


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