ADA Blois finishes strong and offers match 1 against Antibes

ADA Blois finishes strong and offers match 1 against Antibes

The banners sit proudly in the middle of the Jeu de Paume. That of the title of champion of France in 2018 and that of first in the regular season in 2020. Each time, ADA Blois had not been able to access the next level: the first time, the Blois club had not of an approved training center and last year, the Covid-19 having got the better of the Blésois. The LNB having decided on a white season.

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Derksen – Pansa -: an oh so precious duo for Antibes

In the stands, the Blésois remember this past and some did not hesitate to bring out vintage jerseys with “Dinal” or even “Bourhis” flocked on the back. And the past also remembers the Blésois since former members of the house, such as Nicolas Raimbault, Pierre Brochard, Florian Thibedore or Mathis Dossou-Yovo came to watch the first match of these 2022 finals.

For the first leg, Tyren Johnson’s band was initially lacking in rhythm and skill. The entry of Timothé Vergiat, instead of a Thomas Cornely in difficulty, revitalized the Blois collective a little. Opposite, the Sharks of Antibes were masterfully led by his duo Tim Derksen – Jean-Marc Pansa. Almost unstoppable in the first half (9 points and 8 rebounds for 14 evaluation), the Guyanese interior had neither god nor master in the racket. A headache for the Blésois, largely dominated in rebounds (21 shots against 13), who tried to compensate with a huge burst of energy.

Tyren Johnson, the detonator

Led for the first twenty minutes (37-40, 20′), the Blésois then tied with the Sharks. For a long time. Long time. Tyren Johnson, already beaten in the Pro B final in 2013 against Antibes and Benjamin Monclar, could not relive such an experience. Rebounds, counters, points… The most emblematic of the Americans in ADA Blois has blackened the statistics sheet. It’s a final: all the balls are hotly contested, every possession is precious and all the baskets count. Including the preposterous shot scored by Alexis Tanghe, just before the start of the last ten minutes.

Galvanized by the encouragement of its 2,800 supporters – the first closed counter since Saint-Chamond in 2018, the Blésois asphyxiated the Antibois. The latter took more than 4 minutes to score in the fourth quarter (69-60, 34′) and mainly came up against the “madness” of Blois. A rain of 3-points fell on the Azureans to shower their last hopes of victory. Carried by a Mbaye Ndiaye who confirms his rise in power over the matches and more intense defensively, ADA Blois therefore wins this first match (86-66) and could validate his rise in Betclic ÉLITE, from Saturday at 5 p.m. ‘Azur Arena. To add a new banner to the Jeu de Paume ceiling…

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