Who of Louise, Arnaud or Sébastien has the best chance of winning?

Who of Louise, Arnaud or Sébastien has the best chance of winning?

Knock, knock, knock! Who is here ? It’s the final of Top chef which knocks in the small skylight. This Wednesday, M6 offers the semi-final of its culinary competition for the seventeenth episode of the season. It’s starting to take a long time but the three candidates still in the race are not going to give up at the most important moment of their career. Arnaud, Louise and Sébastien will mutually challenge each other tonight with a test they will have prepared. Who will be destabilized by his own game? Who will be the two qualified candidates for the final stage of the season at the end of the evening? Overview of the forces involved.

Arnaud, the sensitive creative

And to think that he was almost eliminated from the first episode… Arnaud, he’s the little joker we didn’t necessarily see coming at the start of the season. With his flow of valves worthy of a stand-upper and his very teasing relationship with his chef Glenn Viel, we could almost not have taken him seriously, but the candidate has marked the season of Top chef by his jovial character as well as by his culinary creations, both solo and in the brigade. Let’s not forget that he is the winner of the restaurant war alongside Wilfried and Mickaël!

After his ode to sausage, there was a click in Arnaud who has not stopped classifying his dishes among the favorites of the guest chefs. Gilles Goujon, Sébastien Vauxion, Mauro Colagreco and Stéphanie Le Quellec all qualified the Belgian chef in the second part of his career. His mastery of tastes and his experience (at 36, he is the oldest candidate in the casting) coupled with some risk-taking make him a real contender for the title of winner.

In the fourteenth episode, Arnaud managed to win the hearts of the four members of the jury with his “not so simple tomato” but among his most striking dishes, we will remember his parmesan soup and stale bread. Managing to make us want to eat hard bread is the difficult mission accomplished by the candidate. “This acidity, no, but it’s incredible! With each bite, I am surprised. I’m traveling through a lot of landscapes”, raved the three-starred Italian chef Massimo Bottura in the ninth week. After Swiss winners in Lego Mastersa Belgian victory in Top chef ?

Louise, the committed force

Unlike Arnaud, we knew from the outset that Louise had all the cards in hand to go far in the adventure. When the jurors spoke to us about participants with “radical” profiles, they were thinking in particular of the chef from Portugal, who tends towards zero waste while cooking the tongue or the liver. She demonstrated it once again with her pan-fried monkfish liver which wowed the Michelin Guide inspectors in the quarter-finals. But be careful, if she ever qualifies for the final, it will have to please the palate of 100 guests. In these moments, it is better to be consensual than too original…

Before getting there, it is still necessary that the candidate qualifies at the end of the semi-final. If we take stock of her career, she seems to be the best placed to win her place, she who has had only one last chance in fifteen weeks of competition. Precisely, without these moments of pressure, is Louise ready for the infernal rhythm that awaits her this Wednesday?

Thanks to her partner with Hélène Darroze, Louise has surpassed herself over the course of the trials, to the point of proposing a real “craziness”, there is no other word for it: the edible tablecloth. In front of his empty plate and his flowery table, chef Mike Bagale remained silent. “It’s a very ambitious concept. I’ve never seen that,” he said, tasting a broth that “wonderfully” complemented the herbs in the tablecloth. If we are not sure that this is the most appetizing dish of the season, it is undoubtedly the most surprising.

Sébastien, the butcher of the last chance

He passed under the orders of almost all the brigade leaders. Sébastien started the competition under the benevolent eye (and firm grip) of Philippe Etchebest before landing with Paul Pairet for two episodes then with Glenn Viel, whom he left to rejoin Paul Pairet’s team. A bumpy course that looks a bit like its evolution in the competition.

After a very encouraging start, the candidate from the North struggled to impose himself in the tests. But these few hesitations were largely offset by his last chance exploits, where he eliminated Ambroise, Thibaut, Lilian, Mickaël and Pascal. His nickname of “last chance butcher” could give him wings. If he’s the best at the back of the wall, Sébastien has every chance of qualifying for the final.

He even started this penultimate stage under the best auspices. Last week, the competitor completely overthrew Yannick Alléno with his “iodine de choc”, a bite of chocolate mousse and sea urchin tongue. “It’s huge, it’s impressive. I find this bite to be extraordinarily intelligent. We are at the level of something that will remain a memory, ”described the chef who added that this dish could be served in a 3-star restaurant. Before appearing on the pages of the Michelin Guide, Sébastien will start by aiming for the final of Top chef.

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