"We don't make friends at the gates of the final", testifies Olga, eliminated in episode 15

“We don’t make friends at the gates of the final”, testifies Olga, eliminated in episode 15

She finishes in the worst place. This Tuesday, Olga was eliminated at the gates of the final of Koh Lanta by members of the reunited tribe. By two members of this team more exactly: Ambre and François. Despite her pact sealed last week with Jean-Charles and Géraldine, the Kazakh candidate did not consult with her comrades to bring down one of their opponents. “It was just an agreement to protect ourselves a little bit”, she justifies with 20 minutes.

It is difficult for you to speak after your elimination. Are you in shock?

I am very disappointed because Koh Lanta was a very hard adventure and I get eliminated at the gates of the final so it’s a real disappointment. And at the same time, I’m not surprised because Amber and François could only vote against me. I am disarmed, I did my best to vote against Amber but I knew that I would not be accompanied.

Exactly, why didn’t you consult with Jean-Charles or Géraldine?

Knowing them, I knew they weren’t going to vote against Amber. They are very tight with her. Even if I had tried to convince them, I don’t think it would have been possible. But it’s true that I didn’t.

In the previous episode, you make a pact to eliminate Nicolas. So it wasn’t a real alliance?

It’s true that we really like each other with Géraldine and Jean-Charles. The pact from last episode served us well in the episode with Nicolas and in the episode you just saw. I had no real alliance with them but just an agreement to protect myself a little bit.

After the eliminations of Yannick and Anne-Sophie, did you think your fate was sealed?

I thought my adventure was sealed after the eliminations of Alexandra and Colin. I saw my days go by as they left. I am surprised to have arrived where I arrived. I saved my own skin from the moment Anne-Sophie left. It was very hard. I am an emotional person, I get attached to people quickly, especially in Koh Lanta where we look for comfort, where we need to trust someone because it’s tough all the same. Every time I trusted someone, they left. Each elimination was an ordeal and an emotional lift.

The destinies linked with François save you several additional days…

Yes, absolutely. When I chose the colored ball, I told myself that the best solution for me would be to fall with François. And I’m lucky, I fall with him! I appreciate him in the game, I know he’s a strong person, who has a lot of human and sporting qualities so I also want to share the adventure with him. After our victory in the immunity trial, I have the next few days mapped out in my head. When we eliminate Maxime and Louana, I’m a little relieved and I worry less about the future. Strategically, it was perfect to fall with François.

And yet, François votes against you and justifies that by your lack of affinity. Haven’t the linked destinies brought you closer together?

François is a formidable adventurer who knows how to play. According to me, it’s only my opinion, he likes me but he sees me as a competitor. He knows that I have a lot of character, that I have a lot of strength and that I’m into pure and hard survival like him. He probably thinks that I am an element to be eliminated because I could have held out for a long time on the posts (laughs). Besides, it’s a strategic game, he doesn’t try to get attached to me. But me neither, we don’t make friends at the gates of the final. We like each other but there is no friendly affinity that is created.

The other “highlight” of the episode is when you jump for joy until you hurt yourself. What happened ?

My God but what horror (laughs)! The test I’m doing is very difficult, I’m at my wit’s end, I’m very tired. By the time I manage to go all the way, it’s as if I’ve reached the posts! I lose my focus, I don’t know where I’m stepping, I fall and twist my ankle. It’s the hardest time because I tell myself that I didn’t get this far to twist my ankle and not come back to competition.

Can you explain to us what happened next off the cameras?

I had tests, they did a CT scan to see if everything was fine. I am very worried, I find myself in the hospital to wait for the results. I have to sleep there, I pray that everything goes well and they come in the morning telling me that nothing is broken and everything is fine. In my head, survival takes over. Today, everything is going very well after a bit of rehabilitation.

You are eliminated at the gates of orientation. Is this an additional frustration?

I’m frustrated but I’m still very happy to have come this far, it was unexpected for me, it’s already huge (laughs). I get hurt, I come back, I don’t want to give up and I get eliminated. That’s why I’m in tears, I knew I could go even further. But the course is beautiful.

Wasn’t it too difficult to live with being a target to be eliminated since reunification?

I am often told that I cry a lot, I never control my emotions. I’ve always been true to my emotions so I cried a lot! I keep wonderful memories of it and I found lots of friends like Alexandra, Colin, Anne-Sophie… There are so many beautiful things in all of this, I would never have imagined that Koh Lanta would be such a great adventure. It’s difficult but I have no regrets, it’s the best experience of my life.

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