Urios' rants multiply, for what effect?

Urios’ rants multiply, for what effect?

Since his arrival in Gironde, the manager of the UBB has multiplied the muscular projections against his team, which experienced a chaotic second part of the exercise this year, before challenging Racing 92 on Sunday in the Top 14 play-off.

Union Bordeaux-Bègles lost Sunday in Perpignan (22-15) and lost its place in the first two that it occupied a large part of the season, since the 5e daytime. Illustrating once again the failed second half of the season for the Girondin club, which has suffered eight losses in its last eleven outings in the Top 14. After the defeat conceded against Usap, Christophe Urios once kicked the the anthill. “We are not serious! We play ball when we have to play hard, we play hard when we have to make passes, we play individually… Our state of mind is not good., he snapped. And to add before the home barrage which promises to face Racing 92: “I’m not afraid of anything ! If, once again, we are not able to bounce back and bite in the quarter-final, that means we are not champions. That is the truth. Me, I’m full of it. It’s been six months that we say yes-no … It tires me.

While he has honked several times since his arrival in Gironde, the former technician from Oyonnax and Castres this time clearly pointed the finger at his internationals Cameron Woki and Matthieu Jalibert. “We have internationals, guys who have lots of ambitions, who want incredible things… Cameron, I don’t see him, Matthieu, I don’t see him. There is no impact in our attacks, we are not dangerous. We don’t do anything simple. I will see how I will mobilize, how to transmit my energy to the players, but I know myself, it is not won. Critics that stung the two leaders of the UBB. For what answer on Sunday in Chaban-Delmas against Ciel et Blanc? Before that, a look back at some of the rants of Christophe Urios, who confided to us shortly after his arrival at UBB: “I don’t share the idea that Bordeaux players are spoiled children or that they are in their comfort zone, I don’t believe it. I’m just saying that at some point, you have to do what you say…”

“We enc… a little the flies”

Lyon-UBB (27-10), October 5, 2020. “I said during the week, in a joking tone, that we were going to play a university game because it was Monday evening. Well we had a university game… Lyon tried to crush us and put pressure in the rucks. It is far from what I had imagined. (…) The week will be tough, we will get those who want to play to play. There, I have the balls a little. Tomorrow, I will have balls, the day after tomorrow even more balls. I hate that we cheat like that, that we pretend. (…) Ten days to prepare this match for such a result! I made a mistake in the team composition, especially up front. I’m not used to being wrong twice. It will bring back to earth those who thought we were the best in the world. I’m not going to put GPS in training. Sometimes we enc… a little flies with the data. I’ll feel guys. And some, I won’t feel them for long. The attitude disappointed me. I hate that we cheat. The club makes the effort to make a plane available to go back and forth during the day! We would have done better to come by bus!”

“If we think we just have to play ball”

UBB-Castres (20-16), May 15, 2021. “I’m told that at the UBB, it’s more difficult to be hardworking… Exactly, you have to be able to be, otherwise you’ll never be champion of France. Those who think that a match like that is not rugby, I answer: yes, it is rugby! Me, I trained in the team opposite. We had fun playing like that. The guys were having fun. If we think you just have to play ball to be champions… No! Rugby is not just that. Who said that rugby is passes from the counter-attack? Rugby, we play it as we want, according to the profile of his team, his history, his territory. So you are going to tell me that the pragmatic game is not our story. OK ! But if they take us there, we have to go. Otherwise we lose the matches and in this case, I will not draw you a picture. Every year, we will finish seventh or eighth, as Bordeaux have done too often. It makes me feel good to say it!”

“A good pump in the ass”

Biarritz-UBB (27-15), September 4, 2021. “That’s good, that’s rugby, there’s always a way to victory for a team that wants more than the other, even if they don’t have the biggest budget or the best players. We took a real lesson in enthusiasm, courage, balls (sic) and rugby. With Oyonnax, we had just climbed into the elite and we had scored 40 points in Clermont during the first day. In fact, it’s the same thing. We wanted more than them. There, the same. They ate us aggressively. We didn’t leave on time! We had a terrible waste. When we had the ball, we often isolated ourselves, we looked too much for the individual solution. It’s a good shot in the ass! »

“Too many players have not done the job”

UBB-Toulon (16-29), May 1, 2022. “We had an opportunity today, we let it slip away. We came out of our camp badly on the kick-offs, it was already the case in Montpellier. You have to do the job. Too many players didn’t, it pissed me off a bit. I must have made a mistake in the preparation for the match and the team. We will see that tomorrow (Monday) with them. (…) We had planned a week’s vacation next week, but I don’t know. We’ll see. I give myself the right to change. There, it is possible that I change.

Christophe Urios before the victory at Stade Français Paris (18-31) last March. Panoramic

“I would like everyone to be ashamed”

Before UBB-Lyon (42-10 victory on May 21, 2022)in the columns of South West. “We no longer have a margin, we can finish seventh. We needed to get our heads straight. The Toulon game showed that we weren’t a team. Between the balance sheets of each other, this is what stands out. So when you’re not a team, you have to rethink things. I feel lightness. The weather is nice, everyone is nice, there are still 30,000 people at the stadium… Me, I’m ashamed. And I want everyone to be ashamed. (…) Now, we will see. If some are shaking, they shouldn’t put on the jersey. We are facing our responsibilities. We are capable of it but it makes everyone look in the same direction. We must not think of Roland-Garros, of things, of things… The priority is the Top 14.

“We watch each other walk, we pretend”

UBB-Toulouse (10-21), June 4, 2022. “I spent my week yelling. Tuesday’s training was disgusting, we have two players who arrived late today. On the state of mind, it was not good, our rugby, it was zero (…) We have fun. It reminds me of the Bordeaux of a few years ago. I did not recognize myself in the team. It’s a good wake-up call before what’s going to happen to us next week. If we don’t change, it can end very quickly and I think I’m going to change my vacation. (…) We watch each other walk, we show off, Clermont will put us up to date, dry, because Clermont is a very physical team. If we show off, we’ll get picked up. You have to quickly tip over, put your head back in place. You have to work hard in this sport. When you’re lazy, you lose.”

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