Rafael Nadal started his treatment on his left foot in Barcelona after his 14th Roland-Garros crown,

Rafael Nadal started his treatment on his left foot in Barcelona after his 14th Roland-Garros crown,

From the 14th Coupe des Mousquetaires to crutches. The contrast is striking for Rafael Nadal. The Majorcan made a quick trip to Barcelona, ​​relayed by the Catalan press, on Tuesday, to undergo a complete examination of the left foot and undergo the first salvo of his new treatment, the one that seems to be that of the last chance, to alleviate his chronic pain, a consequence of the Müller-Weiss syndrome which he has suffered from since 2004.

The Spaniard had recognized after his victory that this evil had worsened for two years, in particular because of his inactivity due to confinement during the Covid-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020. In 2021, he had been handicapped during his half -lost final against Novak Djokovic in Paris, before ending his season in August.

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The Majorcan, now 22 Majors on the clock, received his new treatment at the Mapfre Tennis Medicine Clinic, the establishment jointly launched in 2009 by Doctor Ángel Ruiz Cotorro and the Spanish Tennis Federation of which he is the head of medical services .

This new treatment consists of pulsed radiofrequency injections. Which consists of sending an electric current to the nerve. “They could help reduce the feeling of permanent pain in the foot“, detailed Nadal last Sunday.

Controversies over Nadal’s injections during Roland-Garros

Nadal’s personal doctor, Ruiz Cotorro was by his side during Roland-Garros. The Mallorcan has also made no secret that he had received injections before each of his seven games played and won in Paris. “We blocked (pain) by injecting anesthetic“, explained Nadal, completely transparent on this subject.

Numbing products are not prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) World Anti-Doping Code. But the revelation of the use of these injections has created the beginning of a controversy among athletes, especially cyclists, and many ethical debates on these practices.

Nadal refuses for the moment the operation

For Nadal, there is also the more radical option of an operation, but it is not yet relevant. According to several trauma specialists, this would mean the end of his career for the Spaniard. “To consider an operation that could improve the situation, but that would not guarantee me at all to be able to continue, I will have to understand everything“, had specified Nadal on this subject.

He had also confided after his accession to the final of Roland that he would exchange a 14th success in the final for a new foot, a sign that his daily life is also impacted by this evil. An operation could allow him to regain the semblance of normality that he seeks.

Questioned by the Spanish press on leaving the airport on Tuesday, the Manacor player had clarified that he did not know more about his participation in the next Wimbledon which will begin on Monday June 27.

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Rafael Nadal poses after his 14th victory at Roland-Garros

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Roland Garros

New triumph, anesthetized foot, uncertain future: is Nadal going too far?

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