Quinté+: Hanna des Molles deserves a second chance in the Quinté+ of Wednesday June 08 at Laval

The starters of Quinté+ of this Wednesday, June 08, 2022.

LAVAL – 2850 METERS – DEPARTURE: 1:50 p.m.

The forces present

Winner of the 2020 edition of the Critérium des 3 Ans, HANNA DES MOLLES (12) left her takers with regrets recently in the Croisé-Laroche stage by being at fault at the end of the line opposite while she had come to the outposts. Judged on her previous second place behind Cleangame in Châteaubriant, the daughter of Village Mystic has the means to redeem herself here. Holder of eighteen victories in thirty-six public attempts, Epsom d’Herfraie (12) is not the first comer. He will form the opposition with ECHO DE CHANLECY (9), recent fourth in the Prix du Gatinais (Gr3), and FREYJA DU PONT (11), runner-up to Earl Simon in the final stage of the Croisé-Laroche. Currently at the top of the general classification of this GNT, EIRE D’HELIOS (7) will try to consolidate its position. We will then retain it ahead of EL GRECO BELLO (3), winner in mid-March of a Quinté+ at this same course. Fourth in the Croisé-Laroche stage, FRAGONARD DELO (2) also deserves a mention with DEESSE NOIRE (6), well placed in the lead.

Olivier Pivain’s prediction

12 10 9 11 7 3 2 6









The starters in detail and the opinion of the pros


Faulty during her last attempt at Caen, this daughter of Echo will find here a track where she has three places in six attempts. On a good day, it is not incapable of completing the winning combination of this Quinté+.

Pierre-Edouard Mary, trainer and driver:

“Royal Effigy (1) has not been seen to its advantage recently, yet I know it is in very good condition. The field is well composed but we will start from the first post. Judged on her morning exercises, I believe she is capable of taking fourth or fifth place. »


After waiting in the peloton, this resident of Franck Leblanc finished well on May 25 to take fourth place in the Croisé-Laroche stage. Based on this performance, it should not be overlooked.

Kevin Leblanc, son of the trainer:

“Fragonard Delo (2) returned to the countryside after his fourth place in the Croisé-Laroche stage. He does maintenance in the morning. Its weak point remains the “before the race”. It must not lose influx with annoyances such as false starts. If we are lucky enough to be able to start on the first try, its place is in the right combination of Quinté+. »


Winner at the expense of discoloration (14), at this same distance, in the Quinté+ of March 15, this son of a son of Meaulnes du Corta then benefited from a break of a few weeks. With now two races in the legs, he seems able to show clear progress.

Gabriele Gelormini, driver:

“I am happy to find El Greco Bello (3) in competition. He now has two “return” races in his legs. As always in the GNTs, the field is well composed, but with a favorable course, it must play for places. »


Absent since his failure on March 18 at Enghien, this son of Pomerol de Laumac has already run well on his freshness. At the end of a favorable course, it is not incapable of shining right away for its comeback.

Damien Bonne, trainer and driver:

“Bomo’s Dragster (4) has always run well on its freshness. It has work in its legs and promises to be competitive from the outset. We are going to run for the economy, but if we are on the “right wheels”, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it take up a good place. »


After two honorable attempts in Quinté+ at Enghien, this son of Ready Cash could not finish his course during his last attempt on the Soisy plateau. Difficult in these conditions to give him blind confidence.

Franck Terry, coach:

“Dream Cash (5) was particularly tense at Enghien on May 28. We tried to work on his mind, he seems more relaxed to me at home. This Wednesday, if he manages to get off to a good start and there is a lot going on, he can claim fifth place. Better seems to me difficult to imagine. »


Absent between July 2021 and last January, this representative of Bernard Desmontils has been rather discreet since the beginning of the year. It has just shown its best at Vincennes and discovers a good entry in the lead. Attention !

Loïc Chaudet, coach:

“Black Goddess (6) I liked at Vincennes on May 7th. This race had test value because I had doubts about his desire to fight. She will wear “mirror” blinders to which she has reacted well lately. The entry is of quality, it can be placed in the top five. »


Leading the general classification of this GNT with 28 points, this resident of Franck Harel assured us of her form on May 25 by finishing third in the Croisé-Laroche stage. At ease at Laval, it is still one of the good chances for places in this Quinté+.

Francois Lagadeuc, driver:

“Eire d’Hélios (7) is a great mare. She always gives the best of herself. We have taken the lead in the ranking of this GNT and we will therefore play our card thoroughly. With a favorable course, it should not finish far from the mark. »


At 9 years old, this resident of Jérémy Gaston Van Eeckhaute now finds delicate tasks. Even if he had finished second in this same event in 2020, we did not include him in our selection.

Jeremy Gaston Van Eeckhaute, trainer and driver:

“Dollar Soyer (8) will not be worse off running close together. I think Vincennes is no longer his favorite playground and I can’t wait to see him in Laval. I have very good feelings with him in the morning. I think it is capable of taking up a place at the end of the Quinté+ combination. »


Absent from December to April, this son of Quinoa du Gers is currently returning to his best, as evidenced by his fourth place on May 18 in the Prix du Gatinais (Gr3) behind Décoloration (14). On his way, he will again aim for a good ranking.

Eric Blot, trainer:

“Echo de Chanlecy (9) narrowly failed for the podium in Quinté+ on 18 May. I think this race will have done him good. He is best when he runs at three weeks, which will be the case on Wednesday. This Wednesday, he will only be “tackled” from the forelegs and unshod behind, but has already won like that. With a favorable course, his place is at the finish. »


Holder of eighteen victories in thirty-six public attempts, this resident of Jean-Michel Baudouin has a big “engine”. Only sixth during his final attempt at Vincennes in the Prix du Gatinais (Gr3), he seems able to set the record straight here.

Louis Baudouin, son of the trainer:

“Epsom d’Herfraie (10) is in good physical condition. It must now be preserved in the first part of the course. But with a good race, he should fight for places in this stage. »


Third in the April 27 stage at Châteaubriant, this resident of Nicolas Bazire found only Earl Simon to block her way to success recently at Croisé-Laroche. Again, we will have to reckon with it.

Nicolas Bazire, trainer and driver:

“Freyja du Pont (11) seems able to confirm her recent second place in the Croisé-Laroche stage. However, it should not encounter any annoyance at the start and in the race, because it always remains susceptible. If our warm-up is good, she will be on the podium. »


This winner of the 2020 edition of the Critérium des 3 Ans left regrets in the Croisé-Laroche stage by being at fault at the end of the line opposite when she had come to the forefront. Judged on its previous second place behind Cleangame, it has ample means to redeem itself.

Alexandre Abrivard, driver:

“I have no explanation for the fault of Hanna des Molles (12) in the last bend of the Croisé-Laroche stage. She is normally a very safe mare and I may have shifted her a bit too quickly in the bend. I had “gas”. Since then, in training, she has given us satisfaction. She must rehabilitate herself by playing one of the first two steps of the podium. »


No longer seen on a podium since March 27, 2021 and a third place under the saddle in the Prix Louis Forcinal (Gr2), this daughter of Vanishing Point remains on a whole series of rather disappointing attempts. In this batch, it represents only a simple outsider.

Franck Blandin, trainer and driver:

“Flore de Janeiro (13) is not in “overspeed” but the quality of the commitment means that we are going there. She went to work at Argentan on Sunday and the mare was fine. Even if it is not easy to warmly recommend it to you, I would not be surprised to see it complete the arrival of Quinté+ at big odds. »


At best, this resident of Jean-Michel Baudouin controlled the proceedings on May 18 at Vincennes in the Prix du Gatinais (Gr3). Unlike this last attempt, it will remain closed this time. Without us.

Louis Baudouin, driver:

“Discoloration (14) will take advantage of this race to change their minds with a view to more favorable commitments thereafter. Ferrée and at the third starting post, you can just watch her run. »


Fourth in the Prix des Ducs de Normandie (Gr2) at Caen on May 14, this son of Rêve de Beylev has just obtained the same ranking at Vincennes in the Prix du Crépuscule (Gr3). Closed and forced to start here from the third rung, his mission promises to be one of the most delicate.

Charles Cuiller, trainer and driver:

“Elvis du Vallon (15) is running for the “future” in this event. With this participation, he will then have the possibility of running the Cabourg stage in July. Presented at 50 meters with his irons, the mission is impossible. You can exclude him from your games. »


Fifth of his last two attempts under the saddle, this resident of Jean-Michel Bazire will line up with iron at the start of this Quinté+. At 50 meters, his task is not obvious. Impasse advised.

Nicolas Bazire, son of the trainer:

“Chalimar de Guez (16) must go the distance in a discipline which is not the one he prefers. You can safely dismiss it. »

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