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Prince Albert II finally speaks about the health problems of his wife Charlène of Monaco

Princess Charlene of Monaco was absent for several months due to her convalescence. The former swimming champion has made numerous public appearances in recent weeks alongside members of her family. We have also seen him appear on several occasions alongside his husband Prince Albert II of Monaco as well as his two children, Jacques and Gabriella.

A difficult year

Last year, Princess Charlene traveled to South Africa to support her foundation. Unfortunately, his return was marked by serious health concerns. If the stay in the native land of the Princess was planned to last only a few days, it had to be extended.

Princess Charlene of Monaco suffered from an inflammation of the ENT sphere. His doctors therefore naturally forbade him to fly. Which forces him to postpone his return to the Rock. The wife of Prince Albert II thus extended her stay in South Africa for many weeks away from her family.

At the end of his period of flight prohibition, his state of health was still worrying. The 44-year-old blonde has therefore decided to spend a period of convalescence away from the Rock. A decision that has, without a doubt, brought water to the mill of those who assumed that their relationship was at its worst.

Rumors of a potential separation quickly swelled in the tabloid press. Even if Prince Albert II wanted to remain discreet by refusing to comment on the rumours, he still ended up confiding in the columns of the JDD on Sunday June 5, 2022.

“We missed the princess a lot”

On June 5, 2022, during his interview with the Journal du Dimanche, Prince Albert confided as he rarely does about what happened. He returned to the period of convalescence of the mother of his children as well as the impact of the rumors peddled in their respects. The absence of his wife was a difficult ordeal for the family of the Monegasque sovereign. He first confided that it was difficult for his wife, but especially for their children who had to live far from their mother.

“It was a test! A test for my wife especially, who suffered a lot and lived through difficult times, far from her family. A test also for our children and for myself. We missed the princess a lot, ”he confides to the JDD.

The Monegasque sovereign had swept aside the rumors of the corridors which claimed that his couple was worse off. Even if he felt deeply hurt by what has been said for a year, he assures that his family and his couple are doing very well.

“And we were obviously hurt by the malicious rumors that were peddled. But we were able to stay united despite the distance, we spoke to each other a lot,” said Prince Albert II.

A remarkable appearance on the paddock

The father of the twins Jacques and Gabriella also concluded by explaining that everything is now back to normal. All while reassuring fans of the princess by certifying that this is now behind them. As proof, it appeared radiant during the various official outings of the princely family.

“Today, Charlène is back with us and that’s the best thing that could have happened. She’s better, we can finally spend time together. It is a relief and a joy for all of us”, concluded Prince Albert II.

During the Monaco Grand Prix, Princess Charlene stood out by accompanying her family on the podium. Even though she had to miss the event last year, she did her job during the event.

She did not fail to greet the local pilot Charles Leclerc who rides for the legendary Italian team with the prancing horse. During this event, the 44-year-old short-haired blonde wore a sublime sky blue jumpsuit. She was accompanied by her daughter in a flowered dress and her husband.

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