Koh-Lanta: "No more breasts or buttocks" for Ambre, -18kg for Jean-Charles ... Before / after bluffing!

Koh-Lanta: “No more breasts or buttocks” for Ambre, -18kg for Jean-Charles … Before / after bluffing!

They are still six in contention in Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem after the elimination of Nicolas last week. This Tuesday, June 7, 2022, it was Bastien who won the very last immunity test of this edition. He is therefore, for the time being, the only one guaranteed to participate in the mythical orienteering race. So, inevitably, in the early morning, the rope access technician is in a good mood! Added to this is a surprise… When they wake up, the adventurers – without Olga, who has spent the night in the infirmary after spraining her ankle – discover a scale and a mirror on the camp. This is an opportunity to discover their new physical appearance, after no less than 37 days of deprivation, without food or comfort.

Jean-Charles is the first to start. “For once, it’s really shipwrecked! That sick beard! I didn’t see myself like that. I’m not used. I am rather fat. It’s weird I think. Something is missing“, he has fun pointing to his flatter stomach than when he arrived. Even more, facing the camera, the fustier admits to having “feeling like you’ve been sucked inside“.”It’s quite special to experience. I’ve always had the habit of seeing myself a little fluffy. Suddenly, to see me dry, it’s not really my thing“, he adds. However, he quickly adapts to his new face, refined and bearded. “I like my head. It’s shipwrecked, it’s not so bad. I find myself beautiful!“, he concludes. He weighed 94 kilos and is only 76, which corresponds to a huge weight loss of 18 kilos !

Bastien takes his place in front of the mirror. “My arms are horrible, I’m dry. I lost biceps, triceps, forearms“, he lets go before mentioning having also lost”back, dorsal“.”That really shocked me ! Afterwards, I’ve always had abs so it didn’t really impress me, he adds But when you look in detail, you realize that it stings. I didn’t have big calves or big legs, but then…“Just like Jean-Charles, Bastien finds a new charm for himself. Especially in terms of hair.”I like. I’m in hair research, and there like that I like it“, he lets go. He now weighs 60 kilos and has lost 14! Incredible weight loss !

François lost more than 1/5 of his weight

It is now Amber who discovers herself. She notices white hair and pimples. “Everybody told me I’ll have great skin in Koh Lanta. This is a lie !“, she swings. And to comment on her new silhouette: “I no longer have too many forms… I have zero breasts. I think that’s where I lost the most. I don’t have a butt either. It’s not cool at all. The hips, I know very well that it will come back in two tartiflettes!“But What Has It”most shocked“, this is the state of his body, “see the scars, all the wounds, mosquito pimples“. She shed 7 kilos.

Géraldine, in turn, lays her eyes on her new appearance. She notices her white hair and says she looks tired. François discovers himself in turn: he has melted like snow in the sun. But both of them are not surprised, they have already seen each other two days earlier during their comfort. Géraldine lost 10 kilos (from 67 to 57 kilos) and Francois 23 kilos (from 99 to 76 kg).

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