"Jurassic World: the world after": deception on the goods!

“Jurassic World: the world after”: deception on the goods!

Our fascination for the saga initiated by Steven Spielberg in 1993 took a little hit with this ultimate film, not exciting, off topic, and whose main challenge is to bring together all the emblematic actors of the popular series. The dinosaurs? Just supporting roles. In theaters this Wednesday.

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The unrepentant fan’s flashback

Initiated by Steven Spielberg, the trilogy Jurassic Park (1993-2001) recounts how reckless scientists managed to bring dinosaurs back to life to make it the theme of an amusement park on an island off the coast of Costa Rica. Park that will never open due to a series of disasters.

The trilogy Jurassic World (2015-2022) begins with the opening of the famous park. Again, it’s going downhill. In the second episode (Fallen Kingdom2018), the eruption of a volcano destroys the island and the prehistoric fauna it shelters… with the exception of dozens exfiltrated species to drive lucrative traffic. Once again, the animals fight back and scatter in nature.

This is the starting point of this final episode: humans and dinosaurs must now coexist. Jurassic World: The World After gives himself above all the mission of organizing a family reunion of the emblematic characters of the whole saga. The production recalled Sam Neill (Alan Grant, the skeptical paleontologist), Laura Dern (Ellie Sattler, the enthusiastic paleobotanist) and Jeff Goldblum (Ian Malcolm, the dandy mathematician, apostle of chaos theory) to support the duo Chris Pratt-Bryce Dallas Howard. Even Omar Sy, guest-star of the first Jurassic World, stack. We were freaking out!

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The Lament of the Disgruntled Worshiper

Deception on the goods! After half an hour of eco-cute talk (the dinos are our friends), The world after goes on a smoking story large genetically modified grasshoppers posing a global threat. Always the fault of sorcerer’s apprentices who created a sanctuary in the Dolomites, officially to preserve the dinosaurs, unofficially to continue to play with DNA. At their head, there is a mean pale (Campbell Scott) who also kidnaps the young Maisie Lockwood, seen in the second opus, a young girl whose genetic heritage also arouses covetousness.

A priori, the screenplay boulevard was as wide as the mouth of a mosasaur. We dreamed of seeing the supremacy of humanity, an invasive and arrogant species if ever there was one, jostled by creatures no doubt destined to regain their planetary leadership. Actually no, some giga-carnivores on the looseit doesn’t seem that problematic.

This long final chapter actually boils down to a kidnapping quite predictable, to a profusion of characters who find each other without even looking for each other and to an overabundance of self-referential winks. Apart from a few action sequences (a pursuit in the streets of Malta, a plane harpooned by a giant bird), all of this is not really exciting. The really good ideas
? Badly exploited. Wonder? On the verge of extinction. The raptor? Not much more dangerous than a marmot in a snowy forest. The T-rex? An unworthy second role. So remember what these animals once embodied. And cry.

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