Jurassic World 3: the big bad of the movie was already in Jurassic Park!  Did you recognize him?  - Cinema news

Jurassic World 3: the big bad of the movie was already in Jurassic Park! Did you recognize him? – Cinema news

Early fans will have noticed the return of a character from Jurassic Park. Small appearance in the first opus, this time he plays a major role in The World After!

Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece, has marked entire generations of spectators. Even today, the film is considered a reference, especially in terms of special effects.

The characters have also marked the spirits, from the paleontologist Alan Grant to the paleo-botanist Ellie Sattler via the “chaotician” Ian Malcolm.

Secondary roles are also often cited by fans, such as that of Samuel L. Jackson (Arnold), Richard Attenborough (John Hammond) or Wayne Knight (Dennis Nedry).

The latter, a scientist at Jurassic Park, had a disastrous fate. He was devoured by a Dilophosaurus as he tried to flee Isla Nublar.

Before that, motivated by the lure of profit, he had stolen dinosaur embryos from the laboratory on the island in order to resell them to a competing organization.

This precious merchandise was to be handed over to a certain Lewis Dodgson for a tidy sum. Nedry had met this man at the start of the film, mocking his paranoia when he asked her not to say his name in public.

We all remember this hilarious line from the exuberant scientist: “Dodgson! Dodgson is among us, Dodgson is here! No one cares.”

Camped by Cameron Thor, this character, whom everyone had forgotten, never came back from the whole saga… Until now!

Indeed, Lewis Dodgon is indeed back in Jurassic World 3, 30 years after having carried out this illegal transaction with Dennis Nedry. This time he is played by Campbell Scott.


A sort of alter ego of Steve Jobs, Dodgson has become a great pseudo-philanthropic boss, at the head of the company Biosyn, a competitor of InGen, the company of John Hammond.

It is in the premises of the firm, located in the mountainous massif of the Dolomites in Italy, that our heroes will find themselves in the final part of the World after.

First small employee in charge of industrial espionage, Dodgson became CEO of this multinational. He will reveal himself as the big villain of the film, trying to have total control of the food resources of the planet.

At the end of Jurassic World 3, we also see him handling the spray can of shaving foam that served as Nedry’s receptacle for dinosaur embryos.



Buried in the mud of Isla Nublar after the death of the scientist, we imagined it definitively lost. Obviously, Dodgson did not let go, returning to the island to collect his precious contents.

Ironically, while trying to escape, the businessman will end up engulfed in the fangs of a troop of Dilophosaurs, like his former accomplice Dennis Nedry.

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