Johnny Depp de retour au cinéma en 2023 dans un  film français !

Johnny Depp back in the cinema in 2023 in a French film!

news culture Johnny Depp back in the cinema in 2023 in a French film!

Away from film sets because of the procedure that opposed him until very recently with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp should return to service next year with a French film!

Johnny Depp soon to return in a royal role

The star’s latest film Pirates of the Caribbean, Sleepy Hollow or Dark Shadows and the Fantastic Beasts was Minamata by Andrew Levitas in 2020. Dismissed because of the charges against him, Johnny Depp should participate in Maïwenn’s next filmFrench-Algerian actress, director, screenwriter and producer to whom we owe Forgive me, polishes and My king. Aged 58, Johnny Depp should therefore embody Louis XV in the film The Favoritein which Maïwenn should play Jeanne Bécu, Countess of Barry.

The project was announced earlier in the year, and filming is expected to begin this summer and last about three months, but obviously, the end of the defamation lawsuit allows the film to be talked about again. Recall that the verdict was rendered and that Amber Head was found guilty of defamation of the actor, and was ordered to pay him 15 million dollars. For his part, Johnny Depp was ordered to pay 2 million dollars for the defamatory remarks made by his lawyer in the Daily Mail.

Relating the rise of the controversial countess in the second half of the 18th centurythe film should contain a number of scenes tours at the Palace of Versailles, an obviously ideal place for such a feature film. If he has already appeared in they married and had many children by Yvan Attal, Johnny Depp has never had such an important role in a French film, and this despite many years spent alongside Vanessa Paradis and multiple stays in Plan-de-la-tour, a town in the Var where he owns a property. The film La Favorite should be shot in French, forcing Johnny Depp to work on his accent.

Louis XV and the Comtesse du Barry, a scent of scandal

Jeanne Bécu, the countess of Barry, is known as a lady companion offering her services only to the elite. She manages to seduce Louis XV “the Beloved”, whose reign is at the end. A relationship that is much talked about in the King’s private circle, and which cforced Louis XV to marry her to the Comte du Barry before being presented to the Court. That does not prevent the scandal from burstingthe favorite being dubbed “the greatest jumper in Paris”in reference to the fact that it went from Pont-Neuf (the street) to the King’s bed.

The Dauphine Marie-Antoinette refused to speak to him and, on the King’s death in 1774, she is sent to an abbey. She did not come out of it until the Revolution, to end up on the scaffold in 1793. For his part, Louis XV was the great-grandson of Louis XIV, ascending the throne at the age of 5 and having a very positive start to his reign, earning him the title of “Beloved”. His adventures, the management of finances and his presumed lack of piety gradually turn public opinion. He died May 10, 1774 of smallpox and remains the only French sovereign to be born and to have died in Versailles. Many books have been devoted to the relationship between the king and Madame du Barry, you will have no trouble finding that of Christianne Gil if the subject interests you.

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