Foot PSG – PSG: Donnarumma sticks a big slap to Navas

Foot PSG – PSG: Donnarumma sticks a big slap to Navas

Among one of the first issues that Luis Campos will have to settle, there will be the rivalry between Gianluigi Donnarumma and Keylor Navas. PSG still don’t have a real number 1 goalkeeper and neither of them is giving up.

On the occasion of the 2021 transfer window, Leonardo struck a blow by signing Gianluigi Donnarumma, freshly titled European champion with the Italian team, the young goalkeeper being free of any contract to the great anger of AC Milan. Under contract with Paris Saint-Germain until 2026, the 23-year-old goalkeeper knew that when he arrived in the capital he would have to face competition from a Keylor Navas not at all decided to leave his place easily. Even if the rivalry was courteous between the two goalkeepers, Mauricio Pochettino made the choice not to choose, the Argentine coach playing one then the other, with a logic that is sometimes difficult to understand. The culmination of this incredible situation was the Champions League second leg in Madrid, where Navas seemed destined to start the game, before Donnarumma was finally started with the effect it had on the final result. Since then, rumors claim that it was Leonardo who imposed Gigio’s presence in goal that evening, but obviously no one knows the reality of these noises. In the meantime, and despite the announced revolution, Donnarumma and Navas are still at PSG and have no intention of leaving.

Navas and Donnarumma want number 1 at PSG

Whether Donnarumma still has four years of contract with Paris, Navas is still linked for two years with PSG, and the Costa Rican international goalkeeper has no intention of leaving during this transfer market. “JI want to continue in Paris, and I still have two years of contract “, warned, on Prime Video, Keylor Navas after the last match of the Ligue 1 season. A clear and clear message for its Italian competitor, but also for the leaders of the French champion. The future coach of Paris Saint-Germain will therefore have to “wrestle” with this rivalry, and this time, there will be no longer Leonardo to whisper in his ear what he should or should not do. While Navas therefore claims his place at PSG, Donnarumma is clearly determined to also continue his journey in the jersey of the French club, while rumors evoked a possible return to Serie A. However, things should be settled quickly.

Luis Campos has made his choice, Navas must accept it

While the two goalkeepers claim a starting place, Luis Campos would have already decided and in a very radical way. The team announces that if Keylor Navas wants to stay at Paris Saint-Germain, he must now agree to be the replacement for the former AC Milan player. For Leonardo’s successor, who has the same opinion as the former Brazilian sporting director, Gianluigi Donnarumma represents the future of PSG, and there is no doubt in his mind that he is the indisputable number 1 for the coming season and for the following ones. In other words, either Navas accepts this status of lining, with a big salary to better pass the pill, or he will have to find a new club during the transfer window and give up the advantages he had in Paris. The Italian won by knockout.

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