Brad Pitt accuses Angelina Jolie of willfully sabotaging the reputation of his winery

Brad Pitt accuses Angelina Jolie of willfully sabotaging the reputation of his winery

The actor filed a complaint following the sale of his ex-wife’s shares to a Russian oligarch close to Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman. These would tarnish the image of the Var area.

Brad Pitt has accused his ex-wife Angelina Jolie of having had against him “evil intentions” when she sold to a Russian oligarch his shares in their wine estate in the south of France, to which she knew the actor was very attached.

These accusations are made by Brad Pitt in new court documents recently attached to the civil lawsuit the star filed in a Los Angeles court earlier this year. The former Hollywood star couple joined forces in 2011 with a family of French winegrowers to produce the “Miraval Côtes de Provence”, named after their castle in the town of Val, near Correns in the Var. The 500-hectare estate, including 50 hectares of vines, was acquired in 2008.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married there in 2014, after years of living as a couple, before initiating divorce proceedings in 2016 which has since dragged on in long legal battles, in particular over the custody of their six children.

Last February, Brad Pitt had filed a complaint against Angelina Jolie because according to him she had sold her shares in October 2021 while the two stars “agreed never to sell (…) without the consent of one or the other”. He also reproached him for having ceased “since a long time” to contribute financially to this business when it carried out this transaction.

In an updated version of the complaint consulted, the actor’s lawyers assure that “Jolie had evil intentions against Pitt” in making this sale. They also accuse Iouri Shefler, a Russian tycoon who owns the spirits brand that bought Angelina Jolie’s shares in the Miraval estate, of having “harmful associations and intentions”.

Yuri Shefler “maintains personal and professional relationships with individuals within Vladimir Putin’s inner circle”, the Russian president. Yet Yuri Shefler is a long-time critic of Vladimir Putin’s regime and faced legal action in 2002 against the Russian state. In March, following the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, Yuri Shelfer said in a statement that he was “exiled from Russia” since that time and that he renamed his famous brand of vodka by “solidarity with Ukraine.” Brad Pitt’s lawyers believe that does not prevent this brand, “Stoli”, from being “synonym of Russia” for the general public and to constitute as such a “major international risk” for the marketing of wines from the Miraval estate. The complaint also cites Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (“MBS”) as part of the “network of associates of sinister reputation” by Yuri Shelfer.

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