«Ces comportements sont intolérables»: chantage, menaces de mort... L’agent immobilier attaqué par Nabilla porte plainte

blackmail, death threats … The real estate agent attacked by Nabilla files a complaint

On June 2, Nabilla Vergara told on her social networks that she had been the victim of a rental scam from the agency The Address. Olivier Tomas, company manager, gave us his version.

Last Sunday, Nabilla Vergara and her husband Thomas had the pleasure of welcoming their second child. After Milann, born on October 11, 2019, Leyann, a second boy, was born in Paris. Residing in Dubai, the couple chose to come and settle in the capital for this birth. On June 2, the former candidate of the “Angels of reality TV” had told on her social networks of her misadventures in finding an apartment and had denounced a scam of which she said she had been the victim. “It’s an incredible scam”she had declared to her millions of subscribers.

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In her story, the 30-year-old entrepreneur said she called on The Address agency to find her a rental for a few weeks in Paris. She had found him a property that suited him, a contract had been signed and money paid by the Vergara couple. “I discovered the deception when I asked to send packages directly to my apartment. I needed to set up some things in my rental before the arrival of my baby”, she added. By contacting the concierge service, Nabilla had then discovered that the owners of her apartment did not want to rent it. “They weren’t even aware that someone was coming!”

“Nabilla’s lawyer yelled at me to ask me to reimburse the money paid with, in addition, double the amount in damages”

Olivier Tomas

If she was finally able to find another apartment in Paris, Nabilla revealed that she had started “heavy procedures” judicial. Olivier Tomas, president and founder of The Address agency, gave us his version of the facts. “I was in contact, and I still am, with their assistant with whom things were going well. We had both done a lot of work to find the apartment they wanted”he told us about the Vergara couple. “Nabilla’s assistant contacted us to find an apartment to rent for at least a month in Paris due to the birth of the latter. At the time, we had nothing to offer them that could correspond to their specifications. So I contacted a fellow real estate agent and concierge who offered me an apartment that Nabilla’s assistant and Nabilla herself really liked. We made a reservation with the owner.”

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Everything would then have taken place normally according to the former lawyer. Nabilla and Thomas Vergara sent a few objects to their future address in the 7th arrondissement of Paris and their assistant was able to go to the apartment several times to receive them. “Everything was going well, we continued to work with our concierge service to respond to the couple’s various benefit requests. Until the day when, at the end of April, the owner of the apartment decides not to rent any more for a reason that I don’t know. We had been working on this rental for several weeks so we were very disappointed. We were a month and a few days away from Nabilla’s scheduled arrival. And if the owner of this apartment was able to retract, it is because he had not yet signed the rental contract.

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From then on, Olivier Tomas’ agency would have struggled to find a solution and would have offered Nabilla several other apartments. “even better and even cheaper” in the capital. “But we got no response. Their assistant told me that they had sent the proposals to the couple but without having received any further feedback.he told us. I received, a few days later, a call from a friend of Nabilla, a lawyer from Marseille, who yelled at me to ask me to reimburse the money paid with, in addition, double the amount in damages. In case of refusal on my part, the whole affair would be told on social networks. It was out of the question that I accept this kind of process.

“I received a telephone message, with supporting photos, from Nabilla’s husband with death threats against me, my collaborators and my children”

Olivier Tomas

Things wouldn’t have stopped there. A few days later, Olivier Tomas says he was contacted again. “I received a telephone message, with supporting photos, from Nabilla’s husband with death threats against me, my collaborators and my children. He told me he paid 15,000 euros from people to put a contract on our head. Crazy things! I did not answer and I transmitted all these elements to my lawyer. These behaviors are intolerable.” Therefore, the former lawyer filed a complaint. “I have written evidence and recordings”he underlines, regretting this showdown.

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“At the moment, Nabilla has not been reimbursed for her payment and will not be until we have a written and signed agreement. I obviously have no problem giving him back this money, it’s completely normal.Olivier Tomas told us, adding that contact with the couple has been renewed in recent hours. “But I do not agree to pay him 20,000 euros more. I also want her to do a fix on her social media.”

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