Alpine confirms some improvements on its F1 for Baku

The Alpine team will introduce some specific aerodynamic improvements to its single-seater this weekend in Baku on an ultra-fast urban track composed of long straights but also slow corners.

The French manufacturer’s team will introduce this weekend in Baku a new aero package on the A522 of Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso, a typical Monza package on a track where the aero balance is very difficult to find because of these long straight lines which require a high top speed, but also very slow corners such as the 9,10,11 sequence in the historic center of the city and which remains the narrowest place in the entire calendar.

” Since his arrivedewater calendar there is some anneare, Baku – by speficites of his stage frighte has youalways aboute print racesevisible. This is ath track who offer shopping exciting, of many possibilityes of epassement as well as areas at risk rewarding for the pilots. And it always leaves room at of large opportunityes, thatmust Sstrive of to input. We will bring this weekend some edevelopments haserodynamics spespecific to circuit before to throw the next selaugh ameimprovements incoming as part of our plan of edevelopment 2022.” explains Otmar Szafnauer, team principal of the Alpine team, on the eve of this eighth round of the year, without specifying the extent of these improvements.

VSis always delicat of regrind the car at Baku, owhere he is paramount having a speed peak eupee forebe competitif on the long lines straight. The part central dstage frighte includes in contrast of the bends notegocies at low speed. VSis a ebalance hard at to find. The goal will be to qualify the most possible high on the gridof stay within reason and patient in race, andebe in the position of to input all opportunityunitee susceptible to to prefeel at we. »

HAS Monaco, on a circuit to charactereristics little adapteare at our packagenotwe have eyoue competitives. This was also A voucher weekend learningand U.S lets go put at profit the teachings storees for ameimprove Again our car on Differents circuit types. »

” Still a time, our car its good qualifiedee [à Monaco] and our of them pilots have showe that they beforehave the potential for finish in or at the gates of the top six. We have to however Again resucceed a weekend optimal du deaim at the end of Friday to sunday – and to show our velaughable potential. We are impatient of to run this weekend. Lobjective will be of go out of this double race with four arrivedeare in the points, even better… »

Since the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix, Alpine has been constantly adding new parts to its single-seater with a new flat bottom at Imola and a new rear wing at Barcelona in addition to some small less visible improvements.

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