Alexandra (Koh-Lanta) announces that she is pregnant with her third child and confides her fears about this new pregnancy (PHOTO)

Alexandra (Koh-Lanta) announces that she is pregnant with her third child and confides her fears about this new pregnancy (PHOTO)

Remember in 2020, the young Alexandra had won the hearts of viewers in Koh-Lanta, the 4 lands. Originally from Ain, the candidate had impressed the aficionados of the program with her physical abilities and had known how to make her way to the final. Very athletic, the participant practices the bow, bodybuilding and swimming, proving that she is a great adventurer. After more than 40 days of adventure, Alexandra ended up winning TF1’s flagship game in front of more than 5 million viewers. A few months later, Alexandra was back on the small screen in the anniversary edition of Koh Lanta. Unfortunately for her, the candidate had failed to repeat her feat and she had been eliminated during the adventure during a duel on the island of the banished against Christelle.

Alexandra: the candidate of Koh Lanta very happy with her companion Hugo

After this eventful edition and tainted by suspicions of cheating, the adventurer was able to find her own, far from the media tumult. Mother of two daughters, Fafali and Lana, she takes care of her little tribe with her companion, Hugo. Not long ago, the winner of Koh-Lanta, the 4 lands was amused by her companion’s devouring passion for football. “I am in a free union with my partner and Fifa. I’m still waiting for my marriage proposal, even if it’s in a football stadium.” she had declared before confiding in the state of her relationship with her spouse. “In fact being in free union, it just means that we are not PACS. That’s the term used, that’s all“, she had specified.

“A new adventure has begun” announces the new pregnant mother on Instagram

This Tuesday, June 7, Alexandra announced that she was pregnant on her Instagram account. She posted a photo of her and her companion holding an ultrasound in their hands. “A new adventure has already begun for me, but this time in the warmth surrounded by my loved ones, love (and food) which will fill our life at 4 with even more joy and laughter… Soon at 5 for our greatest happiness. Don’t believe that my darling is carrying me in this photo, my buttocks are resting on a stool because I have already gained more than 10kg in 3 months… Will I beat my record that I achieved for my 2 girls: +35 kg at the end of pregnancy?”, she first wrote.

The former adventurer opens up about her fears about her third pregnancy

Then, Alexandra added: I’m not complaining, what a pleasure to carry life but what a hassle also this beginning of pregnancy!!! I knew what to expect though… There is the same age gap between my three pregnancies, to believe that my memory has a lifespan of 5 and a half years! After Lana’s birth we were motivated by the idea of ​​the 3rd, but following the multiple operations she had during her first two years, we decided to stop there… So I forget and surprise myself ask lots of questions with all these evils (did I do something stupid?): nausea, vomiting, pimples, heartburn, disgust with everything, no longer being able to eat, and only supporting Nutella and McDonalds because strangely, that’s the only thing that happens: very fatty and sweet to gain weight as a bonus. Fatigue and waking up every 20 minutes at night to go to the toilet… Swollen and heavy legs, water retention, sore breasts, the layout to be planned, the organization at 5 and the anxiety of not be on top….

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