NBA Gros avantage pour les warriors sur Boston

A Warriors / Celtics final game canceled?! The crazy possibility

While the NBA final excites many people, with suspense between the Celtics and the Warriors, it is possible that a meeting will soon be canceled. It’s a possibility for a star player from Boston, who obviously wants to send a message to the rest of the world. If nothing is planned for the time being, this is definitely something to watch out for.

Impossible to say to this day who will take the best between the Warriors and the Celtics in this grand final. Jayson Tatum’s teammates played great basketball in Game 1, but the Dubs recalled why they were the series favorites the previous game. Like fans, we’re already looking forward to the sequel, but we might just be disappointed. Indeed, and in the worst case scenario, a match could be… canceled, or in any case postponed.

Boycott for a finals game between Warriors and Celtics?

In question ? A topic that has been talked about a lot in recent weeks in the USA: gun control. With the latest killings in the country, including that of Uvalde, some players want to react and make it clear that the laws must change. This is obviously the case with Steve Kerr, who denounced this system in a poignant tirade, and in tears (see you here). Jaylen Brown at the Celtics thinks about boycotting a game.

Jaylen Brown on recent gun violence and whether it can stop Golden State and Boston from playing: “It could. It is something that must be seen. It makes people aware, attracts people’s attention. I think it’s a strategy that can work. We will see. »

Can boycotting a match in the finals have such an impact? We can in any case be sure that the subject will make a lot of talk. Nevertheless, and if the tragedy that happened to Uvalde has no consequences on the laws, it is doubtful that missing a basketball match will change anything in the minds of senators, some being determined to keep arms to defend themselves. . However, other solutions are quite possible.

We know that the Celtics (just like the Warriors) are very involved in the field, with a t-shirt recently in training calling for an end to gun violence:

It remains to be seen if the Celtics want to go further, and especially if the Warriors will agree. We imagine Steve Kerr will approve, but there may be other ways to go. In any case, it is not impossible to see a match in these finals being canceled in the event of an escalation.

Boston and Golden State are very affected by this violence linked to weapons, to the point that the two franchises could unite in a common decision: to boycott a meeting of the finals, to send a message. This could trigger a huge debate.

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