resultats wwe raw 6 juin 2022

WWE Raw June 6 Results

Full results from the June 6, 2022 episode of WWE Raw.


On the program for this episode of WWE Raw on June 6, 2022, Cody Rhodes comes to say a few words to us, Judgment Day introduces us to its new member and Bianca Belair’s challenger is named in the main-event.

Seth Rollins remains Seth Rollins

It’s Cody Rhodes who opens this episode to talk about his victory against Seth Rollins the day before at WWE Hell In A Cell 2022. He briefly mentions the injury but without saying more for the moment, as if it was not (yet ) severe. He says he’s definitely done with Rollins, thanks the public for all the support, and still plans to go get the MITB briefcase, thinking he’ll be fine by then. Suddenly, Seth Rollins enters, limping as if he had done 50 km of bicycle without saddle.

Rollins joins Cody Rhodes in the ring to tell him that he still doesn’t like him, but after the Hell In A Cell match he has earned his respect. He adds that his dad Dusty can be proud of him where he is before he whispers something to him and leaves the ring.

Rhodes said nothing more, waved to the audience and left the ring…before being attacked by Seth Rollins on the ramp. We recognize our Rollins well. A way to send Rhodes to convalescence.

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Becky Lynch and the 24/7 title on the same stage

Becky Lynch vs. Dana Brooke had no endthe 24/7 title tape appeared during the match and Dana Brooke took the opportunity to pin Akira Tozawa to reclaim the title.

Becky Lynch is furious, no way this kind of thing happens during HER match. So she asks Dana Brooke to take over the match, and put the 24/7 title on the line. Becky Lynch in a 24/7 title match, you read that right.

Dana Brooke defeated Becky Lynch by pinfall with a pinfall countering a Manhandle Slam, while Asuka holds Lynch’s leg so she doesn’t get up. Dana Brooke beat Becky Lynch, you read that right.

John Cena is announced to return for the June 27 episode of WWE Raw, celebrating his 20-year WWE career.

Riddle wants Roman Reigns, Ciampa disagrees

It’s time for Miz TV, Maryse is also present – after this episode of WWE Raw on USA Network is broadcast the first episode of the new season of Miz & Mrs, no coincidence. Money In The Bank is less than a month away and the Miz is determined to win the briefcase and become WWE Champion again.

Riddle interrupts. He introduces himself to Maryse and tries to speak to her in French, the Miz mocks him and Randy Orton before asking him to leave the ring. But Riddle asks him to shut up, he has things to say. He explains that he is tired of having to fight against the “cutes” of Roman Reigns, he wants a match against the Tribal Chief for the WWE & Universal Championship titles.

Riddle also challenges the Miz to a match tonight, mocks him by comparing him to John Cena, and tells him he has “little balls”. Maryse tries to defend her husband, saying he has “medium balls” before correcting herself to say they’re bigger than that.

After this debate on the anatomy of the Miz, the latter replies to Riddle that he is in costume and that there is no question of the match taking place tonight. He leaves the ring when Tommaso Ciampa suddenly attacks Riddle. Eventually, the Miz wants to make the match good.

Riddle defeated The Miz by pinfall with the RKO. Maryse attempted to interfere, the Miz attempted to use Maryse’s bag to hit Riddle but was unsuccessful. Also go to find out why Ciampa did not seek to intervene in the match afterwards.

The Street Profits beat the Usos by counting out. Jey Uso and Montez Ford fought on the outside of the ring, Ford sent Uso into the ring steps and made it to the ring in time. Thanks to this victory the Street Profits have the right to a shot at the team titles.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode back

In the ring, Bobby Lashley explains that Omos and MVP are now part of his past. He was about to share his plans for the sequel when Theory interrupts him. The United States Champion mocks Lashley for needing help to win his match at Hell In A Cell. He asks her to leave the ring, but Lashley is pissed off and demands a match right away.

Theory refuses the match, for him Lashley does not deserve a championship match. Lashley then attacks him to kick him out of the ring.

Veer Mahan defeated Dominik Mysterio by disqualification, Rey Mysterio interfered in the match and hit Mahan a 619 after the match. This storyline has been going on for a long time and still has no purpose.

Judgment Day: New member, no more leader

Judgment Day is in the ring to introduce us to its fourth and newest member. Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley speak up to say they have no limits, no one can hold them back. The presence of Rhea Ripley in the match for the place of challenger to the title of Bianca Belair is mentioned. Edge then takes the floor to ask fans to listen, because “adults talk. »

Edge explains that the message of Judgment Day is starting to spread, with new members joining. That’s when he brought in… Finn Bálor. We stopped believing it would happen.

Edge was himself surprised by the presence of Finn Bálor but said he saw the latter’s gaze change during the WWE Hell In A Cell match. Bálor explains himself to have understood, he sees more clearly now (you have the reference). He also thanks Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest, he thinks they have a lot in common.

The sequel is unexpected. Damian Priest thanks Edge for everything he’s done for them. They’re now ready to let go of the last thing that’s holding them back, and that last thing is…Edge. Damian Priest wears a clotheline to Edge, the group beats up its leader.

Edge tries to defend himself but it’s unsuccessful. His assailants pull him out of the ring, send him to the commentary table with a Razor’s Edge. Back in the ring, Edge suffered the Coup de Grace from Balor, then a crossface with a metal tube and a con-chair-to.

Superb segment and a story that takes an unexpected turn, it’s very good. To see now if without Edge — and no doubt his creative contribution to the group’s booking — Judgment Day will continue to work as it has worked until then.

Omos defeated Cedric Alexander by falling with his tree slam. Eight seconds.

After the match, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode enter and are interviewed on the platform, they are visibly facing now. MVP and Omos join them, Omos tries to attack but MVP takes the superkick from Ziggler who runs off with Roode.

Ezekiel plays smart

Ezekiel defeated Otis by fallen with a pine crucifix.

After the match Ezekiel asks for a new match against Kevin Owens. Owens comes to answer him that he wants to face him again, but on one condition: that he agrees to say that he is Elias. Ezekiel ends up accepting, he says he is Elias. Kevin Owens then accepts the match, he is happy to have finally had what he wanted: the truth.

Ezekiel is happy with his shot, he had his rematch and is proud to have made Kevin Owens walk. He’s still Ezekiel, he just told Owens what he wanted to hear. Ezekiel finishes with a jumping knee to Owens.

We are shown the segment with Judgment Day again, before being told that Edge suffered a head injury and was sent to the hospital. In the meantime, Rhea Ripley makes her entry for the main-event.

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Rhea Ripley challenging Bianca Belair

Rhea Ripley, Nikki ASH, Liv Morgan and Doudrop face off in the final match of the night for the RAW Champion title challenger spot for Bianca Belair, who sits down on commentary to watch the Fatal 4-Way. We can ask ourselves the question of Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan, the latter teamed up with Finn Bálor who is now on Ripley’s side. Are they still rivals?

Rhea Ripley defeated Doudrop, Liv Morgan and Nikki ASH by falling with her Riptide to become challenger of Bianca Belair.

The championship match is scheduled for WWE Money In The Bank 2022, Finn Bálor and Damian Priest come to celebrate Ripley’s victory with her in the ring opposite Bianca Belair at the commentary table. The ending image is superb.

A good episode of WWE Raw. The expected with Seth Rollins who congratulates Cody Rhodes before attacking him, the unexpected with Edge’s eviction from Judgment Day by his foals and some good matches including the main event.


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