Stranger things : mystère numéro de tel

what happens if you call the phone number broadcast in season 4

In episode 6 of season 4 of Stranger Things, you may have wondered what could happen when calling the number that appears stealthily on the screen. Without spoiling the end of the series, we have decided to tell you more about this famous phone number! For information, here we will talk about episode 5 and episode 6 of season 4 of Stranger Things!

The Nina project, a link with this phone number?

When the children’s house is attacked, the secret agent in charge of protecting them gives them a piece of paper on which is mentioned: 202-968-6161. He encourages them to “contact Nina”. This intrigued us and we investigated!

In the following episode, Suzie, the little computer genius also specifies:

“If I type this number into the computer, it will give me access to the Nina project, right? »

It was enough to put us in the ear. Without further ado, we typed in this number, thinking first of GPS coordinates to locate a secret place related to the series, or a clue to solve the riddle of the director. But very quickly, we realized that it was a telephone number. Asset.

The case of the assigned number in another Netflix series

The last time Netflix had fun putting a clear phone number on screen was in September 2021 in the series Squid Game ! Bad luck, the phone number was assigned and the unfortunate owner was harassed. Harassed, that’s an understatement: more than 4000 calls and SMS per day, it was unbearable for the Korean. Everything is negotiated and all is well that ends well since this number will have been sold for several tens of thousands of euros.

No question of reproducing the same error this time in Stranger Things: the director took care to communicate a “false number”, which is not attributed to anyone in particular but which nevertheless works.

If we dial 202-968-6161: what happens?

You can try ! By dialing 202-968-6161 you will come across a truly assigned number.

We hear line-connecting noises, like the noise a telephone line made when connecting to a modem. We also hear someone typing on her keyboard, which suggests that it could be Suzie.

Here is a recording of the sound calling the serial number

We also hear regular beeps, which suggest that it could be an encrypted message in Morse.

.. .-.. / -. .—-. -.– / .- / … – .-. .. -.-. – . — . -. – / .-. .. . -. / .- / . -. – . -. -.. .-. .

Again, someone is heard typing on a keyboard. The sound that we distinguish is exactly the same as the sound that we hear a little before in episode 5, when “papa” and 11 pick up the phone. Coincidence?

For lovers of Stranger things puzzles

This episode of Stranger Things, like the whole season, is full of Easter Eggs, little mystery games placed in the episode for big fans of the series. By dialing this number, you will hear what you want but it is certain that the director wants to put you on the trail of an investigation to solve.

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Some info and clues if you want to dig:

It would be necessary to transcribe the message in Morse code to understand what the continuous beeps mean that we hear at the beginning of the recording

  • The call lasts exactly 1 minute 57, the reference to a specific passage from an episode of the series?
  • We hear someone typing on the computer. However in the series, it is Suzie who types on the computer, a track to dig in this direction?
  • In episode 6, you will also have a lot of info on Suzie’s screen when she is conducting the investigation, we see lines of code, URLs, numbers that look like dates.

Computer secret code stranger things season 4

More info in the article: what is the hidden message in Suzie’s computer

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