Tim Burton reinvents Wednesday in his first series inspired by "The Addams Family"

Tim Burton reinvents Wednesday in his first series inspired by “The Addams Family”

NETFLIX – Wednesday Addams will soon be entitled to its own Netflix series, signed Tim Burton. A grand master of the fantasy genre, the director focuses on this cult and singular character for his very first series soberly titled Wednesday.

And it is Jenna Ortega who will play the youngest daughter of the famous series The Addams Family. The young 19-year-old actress succeeds Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the films of the 1990s. Jenna Ortega is particularly known for her role as Ellie in You (another Netflix series), but she also appeared in the Screamreleased in January 2022, or Iron Man 3.

In the first trailer unveiled this Monday, June 6, Netflix reveals the new face of the heroine. Two braids, black makeup eyes and nails, and a dress with a pointy collar… the actress perfectly adopts Wednesday’s appearance. But above all, she casts on the camera the dark and jaded gaze that makes the personality of the young girl.

As a teenager, Wednesday is now a student at Nevermore Academy and tries to fit in with the other students. But when a series of murders occurs and threatens the inhabitants of the city, she decides to lead the investigation.

The teaser unveiled by Netflix may be very short, but it already announces some highly anticipated references to The Addams Family. Among other things, we find the regular finger snaps from the heady original music. The Thing also makes an express appearance on Wednesday’s shoulder.

Marked by numerous scars, the infamous severed hand that moves on its own warns the public of a “great terror” approaching, in another video posted on June 1 on the official “Wednesday Addams” twitter account.

Chirstina Ricci in the casting of the series

Although she is no longer old enough to play Wednesday, Chirstina Ricci will still star in the series, as announced Deadline last March. Details on her character are not yet known, but she could play a high school supervisor in the episodes.

At his side, we will also find Catherine Zeta-Jones (The Mask of Zorro, Chicago) and Luis Guzman (Traffic, Oz) as both of Wednesday’s parents. Gwendoline Christie (Game Of Thrones, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Thora Birch (American Beauty, The Walking Dead) will also appear on the screen.

The eight-episode series adds to the long list of adaptations of The Addams Family made since the 1960s. The latest dates back to 2019 with an animated film directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan. But for the moment, no release date has been revealed by Netflix for the Tim Burton series.

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