The Marseille rapper to conquer America? Soon a tour in the United States?

The UFO, the J, the machine or the extraterrestrial as these many fans call it did not do things by halves and especially Spotify which promoted its latest album by privatizing an advertisement on the NASDAQ tower for the release of the new album entitled “Extraterrestrial” the day before the event concert at the Vélodrome stadium in Marseille.

JUL’s latest album, displayed in the middle of Times Square


A photo taken from Times Square in New York.

In this photo, we discover the last album of the French rapper displayed on one of the giant screens of the famous place. A worldwide publicity, which should allow the artist to become even more known in the United States.

American rappers are inspired by Jul

Jul’s hits are already listened to in the United States and American rappers are inspired by his unique style. Recently rapper 6ix9ine ignited social networks with a clip on the soundtrack of “Organized Band”.

Jul: “Organized Band” broadcast in an NBA room in the United States!

Will the artist tour the United States?

Given the success of Jul in France, why not launch a tour in the United States to discover the style of the rapper from Marseille?

We can already discover several videos on the Youtube platform with Americans who listen and appreciate Jul’s sounds like this one with a million views!

A concert event at home

The Marseille artist put on an incredible performance with a show that became legendary with his exceptional concert at the Vélodrome stadium in Marseille, bringing together more than 60,000 fans and we can imagine that his extraordinary success in France will perhaps -to be exported in the world and why not in the United States?

Several French artists have already been acclaimed on the other side of the Atlantic.

French rap has become a musical style which is exported with worldwide successes such as PNL, pieces by Ninho or Nekfeu and we can cite the Parisian rapper MHD, known for his famous Afro Trap who has performed several concerts in the countries of the world. ‘Uncle Sam.

An entry by air on a scooter in front of 60,000 people.

Jul already announces another concert at the Vélodrome

In this video excerpt, the artist made a statement at the end of the concert and in front of his fans stating that he wants to do another concert at the Vélodrome next year.

Jul concert 2023
Jul concert 2023 captures Instagram @actu_rap_marseillais

The successful rapper chains the projects

His latest single “Alors la zone” has just exceeded 40 million Streams in one year on Shopify and his album “Extraterrestre” is the second one-day start of the year with more than 3.9 million streams in 24 hours, still on the Spotify platform.

Jul, the biggest record seller in the history of French rap.

The rapper of all records chained the successes with a hellish pace and the numbers make you dizzy. He has just landed his hundredth gold single with the single “La Street”.

The artist is just behind Johnny Halliday in the ranking of the best record sellers of all musical genres to date.

We can quote some albums of the artist:

  • Extraterrestrial
  • Independence
  • Tomorrow it will be
  • far from the world
  • The machine
  • It’s not LOL
  • Nothing 100 Nothing
  • The Zone in Person
  • Inspiration from Elsewhere
  • Head in the clouds
  • I don’t see myself shining
  • UFO
  • emotions
  • Free Album
  • My World
  • I turn around
  • Jul
  • I can’t find sleep
  • Lacrizeomic
  • In My Paranoia

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