StepN (GMT): the move-to-earn victim of several DDoS attacks

StepN (GMT): the move-to-earn victim of several DDoS attacks

StepN Stormed – Nothing is going well for the project StepNwhich popularized the phenomenon of move-to-earn. After the announcement of the cessation of its services in China a few days ago, the project teams announced that they had undergone a series ofdenial of service attacks.

DDoS attacks blocked access to StepN services

As if the recent clarifications of StepN on its impossibility of serving its customers in China were not enough, here are hackers makes life hard for him.

The principle of this project move-to-earn blockchain-based Solana (SOL) is to be able to follow the walks and races of these users, and to reward in tokens GST for their training efforts.

Except that this Sunday, June 5, 2022, the services of the StepN application were overwhelmed withdistributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), according to a announcement on the project’s official Twitter account:

“We have suffered multiple DDoS attacks over the past few hours. Securing servers and restoring can take between 1 and 12 hours. We recommend that you take some rest during the maintenance, otherwise your workouts may not be recorded correctly.
Our engineers are working hard to resolve these issues. As soon as the restoration is complete, we will announce it here. Thank you all very much for your patience! »

Twitter account @Stepnofficial

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The move-to-earn had just made an anti-cheat update

The day before the DDoS attacks, StepN proudly announced that it had released a update aimed at limiting the cheaters and other bad actors to exploit the app.

In any case, it remains difficult to know whether this new system, dubbed SMAC (StepN’s Model for Anti Cheating), angered schemers – who would have acted reprisals – , or if it is theprior existence of these cheats which suddenly caused these DDoS problems with the new update.

The new anti-cheat system behind the DDoS attacks on StepN?
SMAC, the new anti-cheat system from StepN. – Source: Twitter @Stepnofficial

Anyway, the Classes of the two tokens of the project – the GMT for governance and the GST for awards – don’t have not affected by this bad news. Contrary to what happened with the announcement of the banning of StepN’s services in China.

As of this writing, StepN teams have not commented further on this series of DDoS attacks. Pending confirmation that his services are again fully operationalyou can consult our complete guide to StepNto learn more about this move-to-earn revolutionary.

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