Quinté+: Quinté+ Track Test of Tuesday June 7: Ibis Quick has the cards in hand

To analyze this event, we took into account performances between 2100 and 2200 meters from the 1er last November.

Analysis of the last 1000 meters

With his last 1000 meters in 1’10″6 in the Prix de la Ville d’Eaubonne, contested on April 23, Ibis Quick (4) ranks first in our table. That day, the protege of Maik Esper ranked second behind Infinitely Lemon in an overall kilometer reduction of 1’13”7 over the 2150 meters of the Enghien track. A month later, Ibis Quick (4) returned to success on Tuesday’s course by taking revenge on Infiniment Citron.

In second position, it is the other resident of the stable Quick Star, Heaven Quick (8), who completed his last 1000 meters in 1’10”9 in the Prix Quick Williams contested on March 11. Despite this beautiful last kilometer, he only ranked eighth in this European race won by the good Blue Eyes Bar.

Far behind, we see the presence of Isla Mujeres (2) and D’Irinushka (9), with a kilometer reduction of 1’12″2 and 1’12″5. The first named triumphed in the Prix de Darvault, contested on the small track at Vincennes. As for the resident of Frederic Senet, she finished sixth in the Prix de Preuilly over 2150 meters at Enghien. Performance to be taken with a grain of salt because it was railed.

For the fifth place, we find the boarder of the Martens family, Heart Of Glass (3)fifth with a time of 1’13″1 over the 2100 meters of the big track of Vincennes. He was only eighth but he had quickly found himself among the last, and had not been the happiest in the last turn.

Analysis of the last 500 meters

This time it’s Irinushka (9) who finished first in our table with her time of 1’08″9, still in the Prix de Preuilly over the 2150 meters of Enghien. We can see that she is the only one to go below the 1’09 mark. note that this test had been little rhythmic and had been played on a sprint.

Ibis Quick (4) ranks second with his 500 meters achieved in the kilometer reduction of 1’09 “3. This time, in the Prix de Benerville in Caen, where he was runner-up to Iz Of Camaro on the course of 2200 meters.

Heaven Quick (8) took third place with a time of 1’10’4 on December 12 at Vincennes. He then finished eighth in an overall kilometer reduction of 1’12”2.

For the fourth place, we find Isla Mujeres (2) with a kilometer reduction of 1’10″9 in the Prix de Guise contested on February 25 for the protege of Jérémy Gaston Van Eeckhaute.

Newcomer to our table with the presence ofIce Tea (6), with his 1’11’1 in the Prix de Castelsarrasin over the 2175 meters of the Vincennes track. He finished second that day.


Ibis Quick (4) has a lot of advantages in his game because he loves given routes using the autostart, and likes a lot on right-hand tracks. However, many competitors have not raced on racetracks with tracking data and it is difficult to be certain.

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