On Tik Tok, an alleged juror in the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial reveals behind-the-scenes deliberations

On Tik Tok, an alleged juror in the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial reveals behind-the-scenes deliberations

The verdict was handed down on June 1, in court in Fairfax, Virginia. (United States, May 17, 2022.) BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / POOL / AFP

A few days after the verdict, rendered in the context of the defamation trial between the two actors, a man, claiming to have been a member of the jury, made several revelations.

“The disappointment I feel goes beyond words,” Amber Heard wrote after the trial. Wednesday, June 1, the actressAquaman was found guilty of defamation in the duel between her and her former husband, Johnny Depp. The latter was ordered to pay him 15 million dollars, against only 2 million for him.

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Less than a week after the verdict, a man, claiming to have been one of the jurors during the trial, has released behind-the-scenes information from the deliberations, via Tik Tok videos. If the latter preferred to remain anonymous, he agreed to answer certain questions on the social network. Several Internet users then wanted to know if the reputation of Amber Heard, described as “liar” by a large part of the population, had played on the final sanction. “No hate, but most did not show empathy”, retorted the person concerned, as reported by the DailyMail .

On the other hand, he claimed that the young woman was in a weak position. “It was not quite unanimous at the start of the deliberation. But everyone agreed that she was guiltier than Johnny,” he continued.

In video, guilty of defamation, Amber Heard must pay 15 million dollars to Johnny Depp

Lie and betrayal

But then, when would Amber Heard have lost her credibility in the eyes of the jury? If we are to believe the user of Tik Tok, the pivotal moment was the day when the latter admitted to having never donated the 7 million dollars received by Johnny Depp after their divorce to an association, as she had yet assured. After the audio recordings broadcast over the days, the jury would also have considered that the actress was “unreliable”, unlike her former husband.

Furthermore, the man explained the reasons for the amount of the sentence. According to him, some had wanted to condemn Amber Heard to pay 50 million dollars to Johnny Depp. Too much money for others. After heated debates, the latter would have agreed on the sum of 15 million dollars. “It’s just about being accountable and holding both parties accountable for what was done wrong,” he explained.


While Amber Heard failed to elicit sympathy from the jury, the commentator praised Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, saying she did “an excellent job.” As for the sister of the actress, Whitney Henriquez, who came to testify at the bar on May 18, this one would have seemed to “support her sister by obligation and by manipulation”, he resumed.

Finally, the alleged juror stressed that his choice in this trial had nothing to do with the notoriety of the two condemned. “I’m not much into pop culture, so I haven’t really been a fan of Johnny Depp or Amber Heard, I feel like I’ve been impartial about the whole thing,” he said. he concluded.


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