Louane ruined? This bank card scam caused him to lose a colossal sum!

RTL has revealed that the singer Louane was defrauded on Saturday June 04, 2022. Because of this unhealthy act, she lost a fairly substantial sum. According to the information obtained, this actress of the film the ram family was contacted by a usurper claiming to be his bank agent. In general, it is a method of theft already very well known by celebrities. However, the latter got caught! We give you more details!

Louane: The mother of the family did not see the scam coming!

Louane is a very famous singer these days. Apart from her star career, she is also a housewife and a mother. This star has just had a child with her partner Florian Rossi. To this end, they have both just built their pretty little family. Unfortunately, the young woman is still struggling to adapt with his new life. It should be noted that she must learn to juggle between her job, the upkeep of her home and the education of her daughter!

In addition, she feels a little devastated by the circumstances of life. Seeing her on the edge of the abyss, criminals wanted to take the opportunity to fool her. Last Saturday, someone contacted him on the phone to tell him that there was a problem with his bank account. His interlocutor put him in confidence by stipulating that he was his banking agent. Louane walked in his ruse by following all these instructions!

The singer understood the scam much too late!

Once the transaction was finalized, Louane then realized that her supposed agent hadn’t asked her her secret question. However, this approach is important to secure any procedure in affiliation to the bank. To be sure, the spouse of Florian Rossi checked his account. At that time, she discovered that her agent had disappeared! To this end, she wanted to stop the transfer but it was too late!

So far, Louane don’t take in the fact that she made herself great easily. However, as a celebrity, she knows very well the risks of her job! In other words, she knows that criminals are watching their every move to steal them. However, she was still one of the victims of these bandits. The star tries to convince herself now that the worst is over and that we have to turn the page. But in vain, since she always remembers that she lost a huge amount of money!

Louane: This young woman is still terrified by the situation!

Two days passed after this unfortunate incident. On the other hand, Louane keeps it very fresh in his head this tragic episode in his life. It should be noted that it is not only a question of the stolen money since it is unrecoverable!

In addition, many elements related to this incident disturb the singer. Which ? Louane is still wondering how this scammer found his contact details. At the same time, she wonders about the fact that her detractor knew many details about her and her life!

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