Large Families - "Great", "Hyper original", "Nice idea", "I'll have to talk to my man about it": Marie-Alix Jeanson's birthday party makes twittos dream

Large Families – “Great”, “Hyper original”, “Nice idea”, “I’ll have to talk to my man about it”: Marie-Alix Jeanson’s birthday party makes twittos dream

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A beautiful romantic evening in the heart of Paris, this is what awaited Marie-Alix Jeanson on the occasion of her birthday in the episode of Large Families of this Tuesday, June 7, 2022. The detailed program of these few hours spent without the children has as much makes the young mother dream as the Internet users.

In “Large Families, life in XXL”, all the sequences do not necessarily make viewers dream. This Tuesday, June 7, 2022, many for example commented negatively on the events that occurred at the Jean Zéphirin family: Stéphane the dad undertook to pick up the sofa ordered recently, with his two grown sons. After paying for the purchase, the father of the family enlisted the help of the two teenagers to transport the piece of furniture to their apartment on the fourth floor. After seeing that he wouldn’t fit in the elevator, they resolved to carry him at arm’s length up the stairs. But between bad organization and bad faith, the dad tended to attack his sons, who were not “strong” enough for his taste. An attitude that has displeased many Internet users …

But fortunately, their other comments inspired by the episodes of the day were rather positive. Thus, the initiative of the mother of the Galli family was very well received: when she had not played sports since the summer of 2017, Florie decided to call on a private coach while her triplets are at school to get back in shape. After a delivery such as the one she experienced, “the skin is distended, physically we change, you have to take the time to take care of yourself”, explained the mother who was also complimented on her physical appearance on twitter.

“Hyper original as a restaurant”

While they had already collected a lot of positive comments on the social network at the blue bird about their plan to move to Reunion, the Jeanson again seduced Internet users this Tuesday, June 7. In question: the birthday party of Marie-Alix, the mother. In order to celebrate the event, the parental couple decided to take an outing to the restaurant in the heart of Paris. “Usually when we go to the restaurant, it’s me who has the idea” launched the mother, visibly delighted that the roles are reversed. After choosing a film for their four children aged 14 to 5, who were left alone at home for the occasion, Alexandre and Marie-Alix put on their 31.

To get to the scene of the evening, the couple then got on their motorcycle. What give them the opportunity to experience a romantic journey, between exceptionally clear roads and night lights on the most beautiful monuments of the capital. A sequence which was enough on its own to make the main interested parties dream as well as certain Internet users.

But it is above all the restaurant chosen by Alexandre for his wife that put stars in their eyes: the official has indeed opted for a restaurant-bus from the Champs-Elysées, which allows you to dine while admiring the landscape. Parisian. “I’ve been calling him for two and a half years to go there!” exclaimed Marie-Alix, visibly very excited to share this experience one-on-one with her companion. On twitter, the idea has been widely welcomed, to the point that some Internet users are even thinking of testing the concept in turn…

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