Julien Clerc in love with Hélène: rare appearance of lovers with their son Léonard

Julien Clerc in love with Hélène: rare appearance of lovers with their son Léonard

Julien Clerc rubbed shoulders with women. After a romance with France Gall, the singer fell in love with Miou-Miou, with whom he had two daughters, Jeanne, 44, and Angèle, 47, born of the actress’ relationship with Patrick Dewaere, whom Julien Clerc has ended up adopting at his request. Later married to Virginie Coupérie-Eiffel, the artist became the father of two other children: Vanille, 34 years old and now a mother, and Barnabé, 27 years old.

These love stories belong to the past. From now on, his preference is called Hélène and it has been going on for almost 20 years. In 2004, it took just one look and a few words for Julien Clerc to succumb to the charm of Hélène Grémillon, screenwriter and novelist he met on the set of the show Right bank, left bank presented by Thierry Ardisson. Since then, not a cloud has come to darken the happiness of the lovebirds, even after so many years of living together. This Saturday, June 4, Julien Clerc and Hélène Grémillon offered themselves a little sporting parenthesis by attending the women’s final of Roland-Garros, opposing the Polish, big winner, Iga Swiatek, to the American Coco Gauff.

When the lovebirds did not have their eyes riveted on the exchanges of the players or their ears straining towards their neighbor Laurent Voulzy, Julien Clerc and Hélène Grémillon chained kisses, tickles, bursts of laughter and tender gestures, alongside their 14-year-old son Leonard, whom they had taken with them for this great family outing. The couple had also taken the pose on the photocall of the event, Hélène radiant in a denim pencil skirt and a T-shirt as pink as the lipstick that she wore for the occasion and which was not for to displease Julien Clerc.

Almost 30 years separate the lovers but love has no age. At 74 and 45, Julien Clerc and Hélène Grémillon have a lot in common. The writing to begin with, which brought them together, as well as everything else: “I had the chance to meet the person who suited me deeply at the right time of my lifeconfided the artist to We both Last year. Despite a big age difference, we get along very well on all levels. I really believe in the age difference. For some people it can be difficult, destructive, but maybe I have a little pygmalion side.”

Julien Clerc and Hélène Grémillon are certainly very happy but, like all couples, have gone through storms, especially after the birth of their son Léonard on April 22, 2008. If all went well with the arrival of a baby in the couple, the possibility of having a second child caused some disagreements: “I know Hélène suffered when I refused to have another childhe told Paris Match. But I thought I didn’t have the marrow for it anymore. I hurt her a lot (…). We have a big age difference and I want to accompany my youngest son as late as possible..” Despite this, Julien Clerc and Hélène Grémillon always go hand in hand. Like what love is really stronger than anything.

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