Guillaume Genton shocks in TPMP (VIDEO)

Guillaume Genton shocks in TPMP (VIDEO)

In its latest report published at the end of June, the Observatory of Inequalities attempted to quantify wealth by offering its “ wealth threshold which corresponds, according to this organization, to double the French median income. According to his income scale, this wealth threshold corresponds to 3,673 euros per month after deduction of income tax for a single person (a sum taking into account both income and any social benefits), 5,500 euros per month for a couple or 7,700 euros per month for a family with two children under 14 years old.

But for some columnists of TPMP, a Frenchman would be far from rich with 3,673 euros per month. This is the opinion, for example, of producer Guillaume Genton, used to earning – and spending – very large sums of money. “I don’t like this figure because it aims to make people feel guilty. (…) Even if 93% of the population earns less than that, I’m sorry, you’re not rich when you have 3,673 euros a month. To be rich is to be wealthy, to put money aside, to have several goods, it is to be able to go to the restaurant when you want, it is to travel when you want (…) We are not poor with this sum there, but we’re not rich either “, he said. An opinion that differs from that of Gilles Verdez. ” Of course we’re rich, it’s twice the minimum wage. Even we are among the even richer people because it’s a median threshold, below that, people who have the SMIC, they suffer. The minimum wage, you are poor, you have trouble feeding yourself. The problem is food. With this amount, you can feed yourself “.

“What bothers me is globalization, it depends on where you live, how old you are (…) It’s not the same to earn this money in Paris and when you live in Cantal… It’s that bothers me”said for her part Géraldine Maillet. “That’s not being rich (…) You don’t do anything more, you don’t have any problems living. You live well but that’s why in France we can’t talk about sorrel”, regretted Benjamin Castaldi. “ I say that we are very, very well off, the curve speaks for itself, it’s 7.5% of the population, it’s more than twice the minimum wage (…) I can tell you that it’s not the same life. When you go shopping and you load your shopping cart without calculating, it’s not the same life (…) 7% for me, you are part of the elite “, got angry Raymond.

“We are in a country where people are not paid enough or pay too much tax. Why do these kinds of numbers come out? To make people feel guilty. (…) With that sum, we are not rich. When you live in a big city or in Paris, when you pay a fortune in rent, with the cost of living, etc., you will have less than 100 euros left to live on per day “, insisted Guillaume Genton. Words that made Raymond jump. “ He just doesn’t have to live in Paris, it’s a choice. There are people who work in Paris but not everyone can live there. You put rents at 2,200/2,300 euros, to live in a 40m² and see the Eiffel Tower, don’t come crying “, he tackled.

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