Roland-Garros - Thibaut Pinot sur Nadal : «Ça aurait pu être un autre...»

Garros – Thibaut Pinot on Nadal: “It could have been another…”

Winner of his 14th Roland Garros this Sunday against Casper Ruud, Rafael Nadal thus continues to write its history, being still the king of Parisian land. Yet nothing was easy for himnearly two very emotional weeks. The Spanish player notably suffered from pain on the left foot. He has benefited from legal treatment in the world of tennis, with infiltrations of anesthetic product to calm this pain. Nadal also admitted have “played without feeling in the foot“, following an injection in the nerve, before ironizing in a press conference following a question asking him the number of injections received during the fortnight. “It’s better that you don’t know“, he declared.

Video – Nadal explains his shock treatment to be able to play!

The ironic declaration of Thibaut Pinot: “Today’s heroes…”

This declaration thus caused a reaction in the world of sport and in particular of cycling, whose Thibaut Pinot (Groupama-FDJ) which has multiplied the positions taken against doping in recent years. He commented on the release of Rafael Nadal in an ironic tone:Today’s heroes…“, with a smiley to show his astonishment. Two days later, in response to the response from Jonathan Eysserica French tennis player, who posted “The sadness of this tweet” under that of the Franc-Comtois, the latter clarified his thinking.

“We see too many athletes using this kind of practice in recent weeks”

Why ? Because I have my convictions, a way of seeing sport and sports performance other than yours perhaps? My tweet (3 words) which is causing so much reaction fell on Nadal but it could have been a… (series of emojis representing sports). In no case, his career or his talent are questioned here. We see too many athletes using this kind of practice in recent weeks. I almost lost 2 years of careers, surely the most beautiful, to take care of my back. It was difficult, but I’m proud of it today. Methods that are simply prohibited in my sport, unfortunately so decried. Here is a little more precision on the sadness of my tweet. Sorry if my answer fell on you. Sportingly”thus wrote Thibaut Pinot.

As a reminder, the French runner complies with the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) but also those of the Movement for credible cycling (MPCC), an association to which several teams and riders in the peloton subscribe. Thus any injection or infiltration is therefore “strictly prohibited for members of the MPCC, or these are authorized, on medical advice, but lead to stoppages for competitions“. We also remember that in 2020, then with a back injury due to a fall on the Tour de Francethe French climber of Groupama-FDJ had waited for winter to try to treat himself with an infiltration. “When I see the effect that the infiltration has had on my back, I tell myself that there are several races that I would have finished“, he said in an interview with The Team in 2021.

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