EXCLUDED.  Carla (La Villa 7) talks about her relationship with Cassandra and Giovanni

EXCLUDED. Carla (La Villa 7) talks about her relationship with Cassandra and Giovanni

By Solene V

– Published on June 07, 2022 at 15:16

Carla landed in La Villa des Cœurs Brisés 7 during ex week. Exclusively for melty, she agreed to come back to her tumultuous relationship with Cassandra and her flirtation with Giovanni.

The week of the exes caused a lot of noise in The Villa of Broken Hearts 7. Especially with the arrival of Carlthe former flirt of John. The pretty blonde joined the adventure in order to prevent Cassandra on her new darling. But the latter did not take it very well since the two young women already had a dispute over Theo, Cassandra’s ex. Exclusively for the editorial of melty, Carla has agreed to confide without filter on her adventure, and particularly the relations she has with Cassandra and Giovanni. The candidate, who then approached Joezi in the villa, begin by explaining: “Giovanni I used to see him for 5 days before he left for filming. So I knew we were going to meet there. Basically, my goal was not to come for Cassandra. […]. But when I arrived I saw this couple. I wanted to warn Cassandra compared to Giovanni. Not that it’s a bad person. But he held on remarks that were not consistent with his behavior”.

The arrival of Carl was very tumultuous, particularly with Cassandra. But the young woman says it was benevolence on her part. “When I saw Cassandra, I allowed myself to tell her what I knew. I know her ex very well and I didn’t want her to suffer a second time. I had no conflict with her., she explains. If the tensions seem to have subsided between the two young women, Carl don’t be fooled. For her, they can never be friends. The pretty blonde says: I didn’t want to get into the clash despite my strong character. […] I tell myself that he is a person struck by his past ”. When leaving La Villa, Carla and Cassandra were able to discuss. A discussion which according to Carlturned out to be rather positive: “She could listen to me. She managed to understand some things. We both apologized. I accepted her apologies for her comments. I apologized if I hurt her. But we’ll never be friends”.

“He minimizes a lot”, Carla balances on Giovanni

Carl also returned to her relationship with Johnthe current darling of Cassandra. If the young woman was first under the spell, she quickly became disenchanted. Thus, she explains: “I’m not Giovanni’s ex. But he minimizes things a lot. […] He didn’t expect me to come to La Villa like that. But Giovanni is someone I liked. It is a beautiful boy, whether in real life or on TV. He is a very, very handsome boy, a respectable person. Even if I didn’t necessarily think the same thing after what happened”. Indeed, for the candidate, the young man has not always very respectful towards her. At least he wouldn’t have kept his word. Carl precise : “I liked him. But we called each other during the broadcast to say that we would not talk about either of them on social networks. And it was not respected on his side”. However, the relationship between Carla, Cassandra and Giovanni seem more than tumultuous. It would therefore be surprising if the three candidates one day become friends or are on the same wavelength.

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