Cyril Féraud responds firmly to accusations of cheating in Le Grand Slam after Enzo's 19th victory

Cyril Féraud responds firmly to accusations of cheating in Le Grand Slam after Enzo’s 19th victory

Enzo, 18, is an already legendary candidate for the show Le Grand Slam (France 3). The young man won a 19th victory, this Sunday, June 5. But Internet users accuse him of being favored after a sequence that they consider bizarre. Very annoyed, Cyril Féraud answers them.

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Like the great masters From Don’t forget the lyricsor even the almost unbeatable candidates of Everyone wants to take its place, Enzo stands out as a big revelation of game shows. And what surprises is his profile. This 18-year-old young man, diagnosed with HPI (High Intellectual Potential), is a student in business and administration management. But on the sidelines of a school career that he wishes to transform into a step towards professional achievement, the person concerned has set himself the goal of performing in The Grand Slamon France 3. And it is clear that he is writing his name in the legend of the program presented every Sunday by Cyril Feraud. This June 5, he simply chained his nineteenth victory. He got rid of three former challengers. His prize pool now stands at 118,000 euros. A sum that frankly has nothing insignificant for a participant just out of adolescence.

Cyril Féraud annoyed, he responds to accusations of cheating

Enzo, who has shown an extremely sharp mind so far, however, suffers from a lack of support from viewers. To the point that these have even raised some suspicions of cheating against the production, since it is accused of being favored. What alerted Internet users? A malfunctioning buzzer in one of the student’s opponents, which would have handicapped her in a speed-based duel. Strongly annoyed by these insinuations, host Cyril Féraud ended up restoring the truth on Instagram. It’s thundering : “The Slam was not yet ‘open’ when Dominique tried to Slam because the word found by Enzo was being formed in the grid. The faithful of the show know that very often, the candidates try to Slammer before it is even possible! This kind of case happens very regularly in the show. FYI, on set, candidates have a screen in front of them that tells them when they can Slam. Dominique tried but it was too early”.

Internet users very hard with Enzo

To close this chapter, Cyril Féraud adds: “Here is the explanation. There is no cheating in there, no favoritism, it is simply the rule: as long as you play with the grid, the Slam does not work”. Despite this clear and firm focus, fans of the Grand Slam are not convinced by the personality of Enzo. Some continue to overwhelm him, like this anonymous person who finally writes in the comments: “Since the arrival of this candidate I no longer watch the show and moreover you should tell him not to type like crazy on the buzzer. When is he leaving?” Hard, hard to be a champion…

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