Blacklist Season 10: Everything we know about the return of the TF1 series in preview

Blacklist Season 10: Everything we know about the return of the TF1 series in preview

This American television series created by Jon Bokenkamp appeared in France on our screens on August 27, 2014 on the tv channel TF1. The success was immediate, from the first evening of the broadcast of the first episode, the channel broke records and brought together 7.6 million viewers.
The reviews are very positive overall and promise a bright future for the continuation of the series. The cast is also praised by the public who see in James Spader a renowned actor perfect for the role he takes on. The very last season aired is the 9th which appeared in its home country on October 21, 2021 and concluded on May 28, 2022.
We know it since February 22, 2022: the series Blacklist is renewed for a tenth season!

For the moment no image is available, the production has not yet unveiled a trailer, so here is that of the last season broadcast, the ninth:

In pursuit of the biggest criminals

Blacklist follows the story of Raymond Reddingtona former US Navy officer who disappeared 20 years ago and became one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives, he is also nicknamed “the Crime Mediator”.
He will work alongsideElizabeth Keen with whom he has a special relationship. This new profiler, recruited very recently, is very talented and renowned for looking for criminals. They will form a famous and very talented duo.

The relationship and the odd interest Red at Liz will intrigue the latter who does not understand the bond that unites them. Together, they will follow in the footsteps of dangerous criminals and terrorists wanted all over the world, it’s the black listthe blacklist.

A collaboration with the FBI

In the first season, Red reached a compromise with the FBI. He will not be locked up but in exchange he helps to find dangerous criminals. In the second season, he continues this collaboration with Liz Keen and will meet Mossad Samar Navabi. They will all three try to get their hands on Berlina criminal on the run for several months already.
Red will also cross paths with a powerful enemy.

During the third season, things do not go very well for Liz who finds herself accused of terrorist acts following the assassination of the district attorney. Connolly. Red will do everything to clear him while Cooper and tom will seek the real culprit on their side in order to get Liz out of this hell.
This season will strengthen the bond between Red and Liz.
Season 4 is not easy for Liz once again, she will be kidnapped by Alexander Kirk who claims to be his father. Red and the FBI will do everything to free her.

Red will face Kaplan in this fifth season, he will be destroyed by the latter and will be able to count on his colleague Liz to support him. In the seasons that follow, Red will be kidnapped in turn and will have to learn to trust those around him. Things will get bumpy and Red and Liz will finally go head-to-head. We will finally learn why Red was so interested in Liz.

A tenth season announced!

It’s the February 22, 2022 that the American television channel NBC announced that a tenth season was well and truly planned! It will also be released at the end of the year for Americans. For the French-speaking public, it will take some time to see the season appear on our screens.

Despite the leaving Lizthe series has not planned to run out of steam and may well offer us a great show again!

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