Bitcoin legal currency in the Central African Republic: the country wants to tokenize its mining resources

Bitcoin legal currency in the Central African Republic: the country wants to tokenize its mining resources

Gold, diamond, uranium and copper in tokens? – The Central African Republic followed the example of salvadorby making Bitcoin (BTC) a legal tender currency on April 21, 2022. His project Sango wants to go much further, by developing the country’s economy thanks to cryptocurrencies. One of these ways has just been exposed by the president Faustin-Archange Touadera : it’s about the tokenization mineral resources in the Central African Republic.

Bitcoin as currency, and tokens to symbolize its resources?

Given that Bitcoinand cryptocurrencies in general, can be easily transferred from one end of the world to the other, this may seem like a good solution for attracting capital. Moreover, these transfers are very fast and inexpensive compared to international bank transfers.

After El Salvador, it is the Central African government that seems to have fully understood these advantages. President Faustin-Archange Touadera is very optimistic about the possible contributions of Bitcoin and cryptos in the Central African Republic.

The Central African leader now wants his nation to consider the digitization on blockchain (tokenization) of the rich resources buried in the soil of the country:

“The next step for us, the Central African Republic, is the democratization and tokenization of resources. A new chapter with enormous possibilities.
This vision and strategy will open up unique opportunities for investors around the world. »

Twitter account @FA_Touadera

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Buy Central African gold or oil tokens from anywhere in the world?

Digitizing the natural resources of the Central African Republic would make them accessible everywhere around the planet. These investments, in return, provide the Central African Republic with means to grow.

President Touadéra clearly displays his enthusiasmthrough a communicated release published on its official Twitter account (excerpt below):

“By choosing to speak the language of the universal currency, Bitcoin, we want to offer a win-win opportunity to all who believe in our chances of success. (…) We have precious capital for this, our natural resources. (…) We will turn them into equally valuable digital assets. (…) Gold, iron, diamonds, lignite (coal), copper, uranium, lithium, (…) oil and rhodium are first class resources. »

This tokenization of the riches of the Central African subsoil will be part of the project Sango of “crypto-monetization” of the country. The Central African Republic remains bruised and impoverished by several decades punctuated by civil wars, his challenge with Bitcoin promises to be a lifeline. But, as with El Salvador or more recently theArgentinasupranational bodies, such as IMF, risk doing everything to put a spoke in the wheels of the adoption of this crypto-economy.

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