ASM Clermont : une belle fête au stade Michelin pour la dernière de Camille Lopez et Morgan Parra

ASM Clermont: a great party at the Michelin stadium for the last of Camille Lopez and Morgan Parra

We understand how these two got along so well during the eight years spent together in Clermont. Morgan Parra, who arrived in 2009, and Camille Lopez (in 2014) said the same thing, each in their own style, when completing their visits to ASM on Sunday evening.

At 11:30 p.m. and in the middle of the lawn at the Michelin stadium, they expressed their deep gratitude to the club for everything it has allowed them to experience. And reiterated their admiration for the Auvergne public: “What I will remember above all is the magic and the support of this exceptional public”, declared Morgan Parra in a message read.

“It’s not a farewell, but a goodbye, we’ll see you next year”, continued the one who will return to Michelin under the colors of Stade Français.

One of the biggest crowds of the season, for them

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As for the future Bayonnais, who will also return to play in Clermont because Rowing is promoted to the Top 14, he has not forgotten anyone, not even the educators of the ASM rugby school where his two boys played. “Here, I rubbed shoulders with many great players who allowed me to touch the stars with the 2017 title,” said a very moved Camille Lopez.

ASM Clermont – Montpellier: the notebook of Clermont residents

The last game of the most aligned pair of midfielders in the history of the club is not unrelated to the evening attendance, one of the strongest of the season (18,546 spectators), nor to the good atmosphere which reigned in Stadium. If neither of them was captain on Sunday evening (they often were), they had the privilege of treading the pitch first in order to receive a first ovation. Which was followed by several others. Especially in the 66th minute, when Morgan Parra gave way.

As if to complete the circle started in 2009, the latter was surrounded on Sunday evening by the other Clermont champions of France from 2010. of the lawn. After Queen Elizabeth II of England last weekend, it was Morgan I of Auvergne who came first to see at the Michelin.

Jono Gibbes (ASM Clermont) after the victory over the MHR (20-15): “We had to deliver a big performance”

Like Mathéo, born… in 2009, the year Parra joined ASM. Arm in a sling, the young rugby player from Riom-ès-Montagne (Cantal) came with his family to “pay tribute” to his idol. Mathéo evolves in the center or at the back, not half-scrum, but he appreciates “the way of playing” of Lorrain. The match that will have marked his young life the most is the victorious final of 2017.

Guillaume (35), resident of the agglomeration of Clermont, also came to attend the last meeting of the two emblematic players. “The last game is always nice, but this year it’s special. When it’s not one who carried the team, it was the other. And next year they won’t be there. So that’s crap. »

In a corner of the Phliponeau tribune, is written “Camille, Morgan, thank you gentlemen”. Gentlemen, indeed.

Lawrence Bernard


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