Adrien Rabiot, a future in the France team at Blaise Matuidi?  "My preferred position is in the axis"

Adrien Rabiot, a future in the France team at Blaise Matuidi? “My preferred position is in the axis”

Adrien Rabiot and Blaise Matuidi have a few things in common. In addition to their Parisian past, they share in the eyes of Didier Deschamps a precious ability: that of being able to go into exile on the left flank. Matuidi did it with a glorious outcome during the 2018 World Cup, offering an asymmetry paradoxically synonymous with balance to the 4-2-3-1 tricolor. Rabiot was used in a similar role on Monday in Croatia.

The modest challenge of the competition – a League of Nations with airs of preparation – and especially the extent of the workforce review carried out by the coach of the Blues call for caution, at the time of drawing conclusions. Still, for Rabiot, this position is an opportunity to exist, in a team in which he is not essential. The subject was raised on Tuesday at a press conference.

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I must have been asked this question a hundred times“, first noted the 27-year-old player when asked about his “preferential position“: “It’s in line, whether it’s two or three (…) I was trained in this axial position, I think it corresponds more to my qualities.” This appetite assumed, he quickly clarified that he was not denying his versatility.

Since I came back (in the French team) in September 2020, I was brought to evolve regularly on the left side and I do it also often with Juventus”explains Rabiot, for whom the lack of benchmarks resided rather in the cast of the day, in Split: “We didn’t used to play together a lot.”

“The Duke “satisfies himself even”to expand (her) palette“. All the more important for him as the hatching of Aurélien Tchouaméni could weaken his place in the group, a few months from the World Cup in Qatar (November 21 – December 18, 2022). He ensures that he is experiencing this competition more and more pressing “very serenely“: “I have always been with the Blues since my return, there is a certain regularity there.”

Scorer, finally

The Blues’ only scorer on Monday (1-1), he may even have “scored points”, according to the established formula. And full of confidence? “I don’t have a confidence problem, I still have confidence in myselfhe retorted with a smile. But it made me happy, because I hadn’t scored this season and it’s always a moment of happiness to score a goal, especially with the France team jersey..”

No crisis of confidence, therefore, but Adrien Rabiot concedes a “mixed season“with the Old Lady:”At the collective level, it was quite complicated from the start. We didn’t win a title, but I also played a lot (45 club meetings, Editor’s note). I always felt good.” Under contract until 2023, he denies any link between a possible transfer and the next World Cup.

“When we see Ben Yedder’s matches, we can have a thought for Giroud”

Victim of the system?

It is on the playing time that Deschamps grants him that Rabiot (27 selections) intends to capitalize. In this sense, we will not venture to write that he banged his fist on the table, facing the Croats. If Monday’s game seems so poor in lessons, it’s partly because the 4-2-3-1 is no longer as popular as a system with three defenders (or five, it depends). , in the eyes of “DD”. The parenthesis of the four-man defense should close shortly.

Adrien Rabiot was left piston in a 3-4-1-2, during the elimination of the Blues in the round of 16 of the Euro last year. Such a scheme implies one less place in the midfield, where he aspires to work. Is it thus unfavorable to him? “I don’t think I’m a victim of thishe replied on Tuesday, after hesitation. If I have to play because the coach thinks I can bring more than another, I will play, regardless of the position on the pitch.” A way of kicking into touch, if not loving the length.

Adrien Rabiot

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