A role of king and an album versus deleted scenes: Johnny Depp does not stop winning his lawsuit

A role of king and an album versus deleted scenes: Johnny Depp does not stop winning his lawsuit

After the verdict, the career prospects of the two actors scream more loudly the significance of gender inequalities in the face of the issue of gender-based and sexual violence.

On June 1, 2022, the verdict fell. It thus puts an end to a trial of several weeks born of an even older conflict. Only, the immense disproportion revealed by the case between the power of Johnny Depp compared to that of Amber Heard does not stop at the doors of the court. In the immediate future, History retains that despite the fact that both are found guilty, the actress appears as the big loser of the trialthe sum of the damages and the fine which it must pay not representing less than 7.5 times that of her ex-husband (15 million, against 2 million for Depp).

But beyond the trial, how is embodied the immense inequality of treatment between the two actors in their respective careers ? How, just a few days before the verdict, the media image of Johnny Depp seems to be moving towards that of subversive but heroic starsurvivor of an attempted “sabotage by a slanderous woman”, while the surge of misogyny towards Amber Heard and the will to to see her vanish continues, to the point that its possible outright eviction in his movies?

Despite a few chills of subversion, Johnny Depp’s career seems to have a bright future ahead of it

Since 2019, Johnny Depp’s career is going through a slump which the actor explains by the fact that the ” cancel culture “, this ” tendency to make hasty judgments” is now so “out of control” that “no one is safe anymore”. Concretely, his setbacks earned him the loss of his lawsuit for defamation. against the newspaper The Sun who called him a “wife hitter” and being cut off from filming Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts.

Is this a sign that in the post #MeToo era, the cinema industry is determined to put its immense power at the service of the fight against gender-based and sexual violence? Nothing is less sure. Indeed, it is none other than in the skin of a king, Louis XV, that the American actor will make his return to the cinema. In this context, symbolism around reign and power seems all the more significant that this casting choice stems from Maiwenn, who will direct and star in his period film. As a reminder, the French director and actress has been positioning herself for several years in defense of men accused and/or convicted of sexist and sexual violence, such as Roman Polanski, for example. In 2020, she made remarks of extreme gravity towards Adèle Haenel and feminists in general, accusing them in particular of “talking bullshit” or even of being “women who do not like men” and who are ” causing very serious collateral damage. »

Johnny Depp on the screens and on stage, Amber Heard erased

The good news doesn’t end there for the actor, who also harbors personal ambitions in the music world. As if to score without delay the revival of his career – or rather of his careers, he joined British guitarist Jeff Beck on stage the day after the trial to perform rock songs. Deadline reports the latter’s words about Depp: ” I met this guy five years ago and we haven’t stopped laughing since. In fact, we recorded an album. I don’t know how it happened. It will be out in July. »

Meanwhile, it’s more than 4.5 million people who have signed a petition to exclude Amber Heard fromAquaman 2. However, since the end of the trial, a rumor has been spreading that it was decided during a meeting of Warner Bros. that Heard’s scenes will finally be cut during editing. According The Directrumor suggests that Mera could die during childbirthat the beginning of the sequence. During the trial, the actress had already revealed that she had received versions of the film’s script in which her role was reduced. In France, its release is scheduled for March 17, 2023.

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