5 tips for OM to successfully attract Sadio Mané

5 tips for OM to successfully attract Sadio Mané

Sadio Mané again proclaimed aloud his love for Olympique de Marseille. The only club forever engraved in his supporter heart. So we think that OM should try everything to recruit him. In an obvious sarcastic tone, we offer five very different strategies for signing the Liverpool star.

Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt/Xavier Laine/GettyImages

Listen, Frank McCourt. We found a great solution to buy the terrible Sadio Mané. You place all your assets in hyper-risky cryptocurrency. “High risks, high rewards“as we say at home. If it works, no doubt about it, you’ll be able to immediately find yourself with plenty of money.

Then you put everything on your account neither seen nor known in a few days. You are a billionaire, you put 30 million euros on Mané, 50 on Antoine Griezmann, Marseille are champions of France. Easy, right?

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