WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 Results

WWE Hell in a Cell 2022 Results

WWE presented its Premium Live Event ”Hell in a Cell 2022” on June 5th live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

– The WWE HIAC Pre-Show begins with the panel consisting of Kayla Braxton, Kevin Patrick, Jerry Lawler, Booker T and Peter Rosenberg welcoming us. The panel discusses the evening’s matches.

– Kayla Braxton announces that Cody is suffering from a torn pectoral muscle, a complete separation at the bone level, but Cody still wants to make the match against Seth, so it will happen.

– Behind the scenes, Byron Saxton is with Ezekiel for an interview. Saxton asks for his comments on Kevin Owens thinking Ezekiel is another person. Ezekiel says Owens is a badass, but Owens underestimates him. Tonight is his first Premium Live Event, it’s huge, he remembers his brother Elias who was in the ring for his first big match. He loves his big brother, Elias had his own reasons for leaving, he hopes we can find out about them one day. They dreamed of becoming tag team champions, he hopes it can happen. Saxton asks if Elias is going to watch his game tonight. Ezekiel says he doesn’t think like his brother but hopes he will watch the game. Saxton asks what we can expect for tonight. Ezekiel says he is so motivated. Owens has made his life hell, but his fans have been with him from the start. When the bell rings it’s his turn, when he wins the match he will confirm that Ezekiel is here to stay.

– The Pre-Show ends with the last comments from the panel.

WWE HIAC Chicao, Illinois

Commentators are Michael Cole and Corey Graves for SmackDown, and Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton and Corey Graves for RAW.

– Tonight is WWE Hell in a Cell, the show starts with the opening video and the commentators welcome us. A video about the rivalry for the RAW women’s title is presented and the wrestlers arrive.

RAW Women’s Championship – Triple Threat Match

Becky Lynch vs. Asuka vs. Bianca Belair (c)

At the end of the fight, Asuka applies an Ankle Lock to Becky, Belair wants to stop her, but Asuka also knocks her down for a Double Ankle Lock. Becky and Belair push Asuka out of the ring. Belair rolls Becky up, but Becky knocks her down with a Dis Arm Her. Belair blocks Becky and lifts her for a KOD, but Becky grabs a rope to block the hold. Becky goes for Cross Body from the corner, but Belair catches her. Asuka intervenes with a Missle Drop Kick on Belair, Becky knocks her out of the ring. Belair takes advantage of this with a Roll Up, but she resists. Becky follows up with a Man Handle Slam and covers her, but Asuka breaks the count at the last second. Next, Becky applies a Dis Arm Her to Asuka on a cable. Belair steps in and mistakes her for her finisher, but Asuka knocks her out of the ring with a charge. Becky and Asuka do a series of Roll Ups, but Asuka surprises her with her Asuka Lock. Becky resists, but Asuka manages to maintain submission. Belair steps in to stop, but Asuka kicks him. Belair blocks a charge and slams it into the corner. Belair wants to do her finisher, Becky pulls her out of the ring and does her Man Handle Slam on Asuka. Belair throws Becky down the ring and makes a three count on Asuka.

Winner: Bianca Belair

– We present a video on the reign of Roman Reigns.

– Behind the scenes, MVP discusses with Omos. Cedric Alexander walks in and says he’s ready to punch Lashley in the back like MVP once did. MVP stops him and tells him that Alexander was never able to do the job. The Hurt Business is over and will never return, their association is over. Omos tells Alexander to leave, he leaves.

Handicap Match – 2 vs 1

Omos and MVP vs. Bobby Lashley

At the end of the fight, Lashley avoids the Playmaker and spears MVP to cover it, but Omos blocks the count. Omos grabs Lashley by the neck, Cedric Alexander comes in, Omos takes him out. Lashley takes the opportunity to spear Omos to take him out. Lashley dodges a kick from MVP and Hurt Locks him to get him tapped out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley via submission

– After the fight, Lashley celebrates the victory and goes to get a fan’s WWE Title to pose.

– We present the video on Money in the Bank which will take place on Saturday July 2nd.

Singles Match

Kevin Owens vs. Ezekiel

At the end of the fight, Ezekiel blocks a Stunner and charges it, but Owens pops a Powerbomb at him and covers it, but Ezekiel resists. Owens punches him in the face telling him to admit he is Elias. Ezekiel hits him and knocks the Stunner down with a Roll Up, but Owens resists. Ezekiel knees him and gets on the corner, but Owens trips him. Owens gives him two Superkicks and a Cannonball against the corner. Owens continues with a Stunner for the count of three.

Winner: Kevin Owens

– We present a video on the rivalry with Judgment Day.

6-Person Mixed Tag Team Match

Judgment Day (Edge, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley) vs. AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Liv Morgan

At the end of the fight, Priest slams Balor, but AJ gives him a Phenomenal Forearm. Edge pushes AJ down the ring. Edge launches into Spear, but Balor reverses him into Roll Up and he resists. Balor continues with a Slingblade and a Drop Kick. Balor gets on the corner, but Ripley blocks his way. Morgan jumps on Ripley to take her out. Edge dodges Balor’s jump and spears him for the three count.

Winner: Judgment Day

– Behind the scenes, Bobby Lashley stops Cedric Alexander and asks him for an explanation. Alexander says it was for both of them. MVP and Omos got what they deserved. Lashley says he’s proud of Alexander making a name for himself.

– We present a video on the rivalry between Moss and Corbin.

No Holds Barred Match

Madcap Moss vs. Happy Corbin

At the end of the fight, Moss slams Corbin on the steel step. Moss blocks Corbin’s head in a chair. Moss goes for the steel step and kicks the chair to strangle him! Moss covers it for the win.

Winner: Madcap Moss

– After the fight, the doctors arrive to embark Corbin on the stretcher.

United States Championship – Singles Match

Theory (c) vs. Mustafa Ali

At the end of the fight, Ali gets on the corner, but Theory trips him. Theory mistakes it for his ATL, but Ali blocks it and knocks him down to apply an STF. Theory resists and crawls to grab a rope. Theory moves to the apron, Ali DDTs him to get him back in the ring. Ali gets on the corner and gives him a 450 Splash, but Theory avoids it. Theory hits him on the leg and gives him an ATL for the three count.

Winner: Theory

– We present a video on the rivalry between Cody and Seth.

– Cody arrives in the ring despite his tear in the pectoral muscle, we can see his bruise in the chest since the tendon has detached from the bone.

Hell in a Cell Match

Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes

At the end of the fight, Cody fetches the bull rope and invites Seth to tie himself up with him. The two tie up with the rope and the match continues. Cody Superkicks him and hits him with the cowbell to cover him, but Seth resists. Seth manages to kick Cody out of the ring and pull away. Seth sets up a table against the corner and sets up for a Powerbomb, but Cody blocks him and Cross Rhodes him to cover, but Seth resists. Seth regains the lead and Runs Powerbombs him across the table to cover him, but Cody resists with two. Rollins goes for a mace. Rollins charges it, but Cody blocks it. Seth wants to do a Pedigree, but Cody knocks him down with a Pedigree to cover it, but Seth resists two. Cody takes the sledgehammer, but Seth rolls down the ring. Seth returns to the ring and surprises Cody with his Curb Stomp to cover him, but Cody still resists. Rollins goes for another Stomp, but Rhodes avoids it and Rollins comes back with a Cross Rhodes. Seth wants to do another one, but Rhodes knocks him down with a Cross Rhodes. The two crawl towards the mass, Cody takes it first, but his arm can no longer hold it. Cody blocks a cart with his Cross Rhodes, a second Cross Rhodes, but Cody lets go. Cody picks up the mace and punches Seth in the face for the three count.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

– The show ends with a celebration of Cody Rhodes in pain.

Photo credit: WWE


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