Top 30 tweets that made us laugh this week #441

Top 30 tweets that made us laugh this week #441

Hello friends, it’s time for the top tweets! After a busy weekend of festivals in the rain, Jul concerts and Parcoursup results, it’s time to take a break to debrief and laugh together thanks to the hilarious tweets of our friends the twittos. Have a wonderful week!


2. Even in writing we recognize the voice of Jonathan Cohen

3. “Oh great, they put all the contraceptives in one place”

4. “The Mona Lisa attacked by a jet of pie””Very jealous of the crimes that countries without weapons have to deal with”

5. “The landlord said he was going to raise the rent”

6. “Can I have the salt please honey?”


8. He’s a real savior

9. “Animals are so weird, how come your mom is just a year older than you?”

10. Very very much want to see this

11. We all know that Dora is a big crevar


12. The Question Worth Asking

13. It’s so much fun


14. Being Doubled By Flying Plastics

15. Finally someone who talks about these abominations

16. “All recipes should start with ‘wash the dishes that’s in the sink because you’re going to need them'”

18. We do what we can with what we have

19. It Could Have Happened To Me


20. “I paused the speech and it looks like little Biden is giving big Biden a shoulder massage.”

21. “Big Brother: My Baby Brother / The Baby: A 26-Year-Old Guy”

22. Quite unusual as a principle

23. It’s moderately enticing


25. The flood was mind-blowing

26. “When I come home a little drunk and talk to the babysitter, I really feel like an HBO show girl.”

27. “Person: / The toothpaste I forgot to recap”

28. They must have looked stupid


29. It must be exotic

And you, what did you do this weekend? Tell us in the comments if you think you’ve done something interesting (you can keep the boring anecdotes of family meals).


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