Tibo Inshape apologizes after critical release

Tibo Inshape apologizes after critical release

The YouTuber, accustomed to controversy, makes his mea culpa after yet another controversial outing. This time, it was comments about depression that earned him a lot of criticism.

YouTuber Tibo Inshape cracked a “little clarification” on TikTok on Sunday, the day after a much-criticized statement posted on the same platform about depression. “Not everyone understood it well”, he assures the face of the outcry.

“Depression is a real disease,” he admits in this new video. “It’s hard to get out of it but there are solutions. And that’s really what I wanted to show through the TikTok. So I want to apologize for people who misinterpreted my TikTok.”

“Wake up f*** of f****!”

This star bodybuilder on social networks, where he mainly publishes content on his sports tips, has drawn the wrath of the internet over the weekend with a motivational video published on Saturday. The young 30-year-old from Toulouse put himself on the stage in full exercise and urged his 8.2 million subscribers to follow his example:

“Wake up f **** of m ****!”, He shouted in voice-over. “Fuck your depression, fuck your little broken heart, fuck your mental pressure (…) stop being a shit, being a person without any motivation (. ..) get up now, right away!”

Comments that have earned him countless criticisms on Twitter, at a time when mental health issues are starting to be taken seriously and when the alarming figures are multiplying (nearly a third of 24-month-olds have thought to suicide in 2021, according to a recent survey). A “shameful speech” for some peoplea “fucking joke” for others… many Internet users, just as acerbic, preferred to irony: “In truth you know what since the video of Tibo Inshape I’m still in depression”, writes one of them.

“I made a TikTok motivation to encourage all people who feel bad about themselves to move forward”, defends Thibaud Delapart (his real name) in his new video. “My goal was also to motivate people who are victims of depression (…) If I am on Earth, it is to motivate people to play sports and take care of themselves (…) So a lot of courage and support for all people who are victims of depression. We are thinking of you very much.”

Customary of the fact

“You are starting to know me, by force,” he adds with a smile. Because Tibo Inshape is far from having its first digital controversy. In 2018, he shocked with YouTube videos shot at Auschwitz. If the scope of the content was educational, many Internet users had remained circumspect discovering that he had kept his ultra-joyful tone to evoke the Holocaust. The following year, it was a video on the profession of embalming which had displeased because of the bodies of the deceased that he had filmed there. More recently, he drew a lot of criticism for a wording in a TikTok that was meant to support the LGBT community. Last March, at the start of the Russian offensive against Ukraine, he congratulated Vladimir Putin for his sports routine while asking him to restore peace. He eventually deleted the video and issued an apology, as reported 20 minutes.

In addition, several old publications with a racist and homophobic tone are attributed to him. Check news was able to verify the authenticity of one of them. Tibo Inshape has explained this several times, assuring either that it was faked screenshots, or messages posted on his Facebook account by friends as a bad joke.

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