the woman of his life has died

the woman of his life has died

The singer Julien Doré is rather discreet about his private life. Indeed, he reveals only a few details to his community and cultivates mystery. So when fans learn that the singer, who found success thanks to The New Star, became a dad recently, they fall from the clouds. In any case, this new life seems to fill him to the highest degree. He explains that he was able to become “A responsible and happy man” to Nikos Aliagas in 50′ Inside on the channel TF1 last December. Recently, he also revealed a snapshot of his childhood and of a person important to him, but who has joined the stars.

Julien Doré, a happy young dad

Julien Doré has always been an artist at heart. Indeed, he first went through the School of Fine Arts in Nîmes for five years. At the same time, he is part of the groups Dig Up Elvis and The Jean D’Ormesson’s. With his atypical personality, he stood out during the auditions of The New Star. Saying he could never have won the show in 2007 on the channel M6. The young man arrives with his ukulele and he explains to the jury that he never sings without… He leaves for the first time and comes back to perform In favor of autumn of head. Rediscover this magical moment in the video below.

Julien Doré covers the song of Me, Lolita of Alizée and it is a great success to interpret a female song in her own way. His first album is titled Ersatz. Then, he won the Victoires de la Musique 2009 in the Revelation Album and Video Clip of the Year category. In 2011, he released a second album called bichon followed by LOVE two years later. Two more years later, in 2015, Julien Doré won the Victoire de la musique for male artist of the year.

Alongside his solo career, Julien Doré takes on other artistic challenges. Indeed, he performs on stage from time to time with his groups. In addition, he dabbled in comedy. We can mention the three films The Black Stars, Together, we are going to live a very, very great love story and also PopRedemption.

In his personal life, Julien Doré had a love affair with actress Louise Bourgoin between 2007 and 2010. Then he had a relationship with actress Marina Hands which ended in 2013. Against all odds, the November 25, 2021, he admits that he became a dad during an interview. But, the identity of the mother and the chosen one of her heart are not known to this day! When we tell you that he is discreet, it’s not for nothing!

He responds without hesitation to his haters!

Like any celebrity, Julien Doré has as many fans as detractors. The 39-year-old dad does not hesitate to respond to unpleasant comments, but always in a humorous tone. For example, last March, Julien Doré explains that he is the victim of identity theft on social networks. A user writes the following message on Facebook : “He has MDR fans”. Seeing the huge spelling mistake that jumps out at you, the singer writes in turn, abusing language errors: “Hello dear fane. Send me a heart and I will contact you”.

Family is important to Julien Doré

In any case, Julien Doré knows how essential having parents and a family is to being happy. This Sunday, May 29, 2022, the singer shared a photo from his childhood where he is with his mom. The message captioning the photo is heartbreaking. “The world doesn’t quite look the same without its mom. Without it almost everything fades, fades, melts. The son that I remain, goes on stage in the evening, without being able to scream that no, however, the world does not have quite the same face without his mother. Hurry up to live well, to swallow time, everything goes away, always, one day, even moms. », can we read.

Life is a precious gift…

The answers were not long in coming: “What a beautiful tribute, it must have been a wonderful mum”, “These are the exact words that have been stuck in my throat since… thank you”, “We miss them so much even though they are still there in our hearts.” It’s a beautiful tribute to his mom and a way to remind us that every day counts.

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