Le Move-to-Earn StepN victime de nombreuses attaques DDOS ce week-end

The Move-to-Earn StepN victim of numerous DDOS attacks this weekend

StepN suffers many DDOS attacks

Move-to-Earn StepNwhich has been a great success for a few months although still officially in the beta phase, has suffered 2 rounds of heavy DDOS attacks this weekend, to the point of break down your servers.

“We have suffered multiple DDOS attacks over the past few hours. Securing the servers and recovering can take between 1 and 12 hours. We recommend that you rest during the maintenance, otherwise the training sessions may not be recorded correctly. »

A DDOS attack, also known as a denial of service attack, involves flood query servers sometimes even congesting them to the point of rendering them unusable.

According to StepN, the servers were faced with 25 million simultaneous DDOS attacks Saturday, June 4causing disconnections in users who have been misidentified as robots.

In parallel with these attacks, the technical teams have implemented a new update aimed at stopping the cheating of certain users using robots to earn tokens.

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Second major attack the next day

In order to compensate its users, StepN has set up a exceptional reward program which was to take place Sunday June 5over a time slot during which the persons concerned would have had to take advantage of a doubled maximum energy (required to enjoy in-app rewards).

Only servers were attacked at the same time, to the point of knocking them down. Many users were thus unable to take advantage of the momentary energy bonus, and did not fail to express their dissatisfaction on Twitter.

It seems the problem is still being resolved by the StepN maintenance teams, no official press release informing of the return to normal having been published at the time of writing these lines.

As a result of these tremors, StepN’s governance token, GMT, saw its price briefly drop to $0.91, the lowest of the week. It is then reassembled, with a current price at $1.05.

This is not a first for StepN, which must face the determination of hackers almost permanentlywhich put the game’s servers to the test every month.

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Source: CoinGecko

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