Solana: Alchemy arrives to make life easier for developers

Solana: Alchemy arrives to make life easier for developers

Solana attracts service providers – Launched in March 2020, the Solana blockchain has developed a vibrant ecosystem. With more than 200 decentralized applications, the latter ranks 5th in the ranking of DeFi channels in terms of TVL. So much so that some service providers, initially specialized in Ethereum (ETH), are setting sail.

Node provider Alchemy launches on Solana

Alchemy is a California-based company providing services to various protocols in the Ethereum ecosystem. Thus, several DeFi leaders such asAave, 0x Protocol or Opensea use Alchemy’s infrastructure to operate their platforms.

Valued at more than $10 billionAlchemy is backed by several prominent investment funds such as a16z, Pantera Capital or Light Speed.

From now on, Alchemy wishes to extend its service to other channels, starting with Solana. Indeed, on June 2, the company announcement deploy its RPC node and endpoint service on Solana.

Achemy announces the deployment of its service on the Solana blockchain.

The goal is simple: to make life easier for developers. To do this, a series of tools is made available, essential for the development of Web3 applications.

Several protocols, such as the Phantom wallet, have already expressed their enthusiasm for deploying Alchemy’s solutions on Solana.

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Nodes, RPC endpoint, quesaco?

The service offered by Alchemy, and other companies positioned in the same market such as Infura, is essential to the evolution of Web3.

Indeed, a decentralized application must be able to communicate optimally with the blockchain to ensure a quality service. In practice, the application will retrieve data from the chain or submit transactions to it via the network nodes of said chain. More specifically, the communications will be done via a module called PRC (remote procedure call) endpoint.

For their part, developers have two solutions to access this famous RPC:

  • Host and maintain a node themselves;
  • Look to a company providing this node service.

Stability, speed and regularity are essential characteristics for an RPC to ensure the proper functioning of an application.

This is why a majority of protocols turn to private services. It’s simpler than having to operate their own node infrastructure. This allows them outsource their connection to the blockchain and focus on developing their product.

Let’s hope for Solana that the arrival of players of the stature of Alchemy will solve its stability problems. Indeed, the blockchain has become a again found offline for 4 long hours. Node synchronization issues caused this outage.

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