Shots in Toulon during TF1's "The song of the year": Several dozen people affected, including one who is hospitalized according to a latest assessment - At least 14 complaints filed - Anger of the spectators

Shots in Toulon during TF1’s “The song of the year”: Several dozen people affected, including one who is hospitalized according to a latest assessment – At least 14 complaints filed – Anger of the spectators

5:40 p.m .: On the relief side, a source indicates this Saturday to France Bleu that the number of people affected by these bites could reach sixty cases

4:31 p.m. : Our colleagues from TV Mag have listed dozens of messages denouncing the mess in the organization of this evening: “Guys with syringes started to bite a lot of people who felt unwell after that”, testifies a spectator on Twitter. ““The song of the year”, it was nonsense, the security did not do its job well. There were lots of injections and lots of girls fainted.added another.

“A horror, we were in the crowd at the beginning with girlfriends, we ended up leaving when girls started falling from everywhere,” testified a young woman.

“People kept coming out feeling unwell, it was every 30 seconds,” confirmed another.

“Punctures, fights, crowd refused entry… Everyone comes out and leaves the concert after barely an hour, a total fiasco, reports Bastien on Instagram. The filming of the show continued while the room drivers said that there were some discomforts. Into the pit, hundreds of people were dropping like flies. It’s serious, they did nothing. We weren’t safe.”

3:11 p.m.: The prosecutor of Toulon, Samuel Finielz, gave this Saturday some additional elements to the press: “What I can tell you, the information that I put in the conditional now because they are not completely consolidated. We would have 14 people who would have filed a complaint following, I would say, injections that they would have suffered during the concert yesterday.

The prosecutor specifies for these complaints that it would be “11 deposits on Toulon, and then 3 people filed a complaint in Hyères for acts which were committed on Mourillon. Among these 14 people, we have a person currently hospitalized, who was a security guard, who worked on the site and who also complains of having been bitten. At the same time, we have two police custody in progress.

11:38 a.m .: “The program “The Song of the Year” was in turn affected by the phenomenon of syringe injections” write our colleagues from BFM Toulon Var. According to the local BFM station, “four people declared having been victims of these suspicious bites during the recording of the TF1 program in Toulon this Friday evening, learned BFM Toulon Var from consistent sources.

The stung people came to the aid station with traces of syringes but did not feel unwell.

You should know that for several days rumors have been circulating on social networks evoking a possible “challenge” which would consist of “stinging” as many people as possible during the recording of the show.

Hosted by Nikos Aliagas, the evening saw all the names of French chanson perform on a large 400m2 stage set up in the parking lot of the yacht club: Juliette Armanet, Bigflo & Oli, Claudio Capeo, Jérémy Frérot, Hyphen Hyphen , Keen’V, Kungs, La Zarra, Christophe Willem, Naps, Soolking or even Tayc.

For their part, the police had published a tweet stating that many forces would be mobilized to monitor the crowd during this recording.

Since the end of March, nearly 350 customers of places or nightclubs have filed a complaint with the police for injections received in establishments throughout France. In one month, in May, nearly 200 additional complaints were registered with the police, according to information from France Inter on Monday.

A first figure still in the police zone reported 300 complaints. These figures do not include any complaints received by the gendarmes.

These stings are sometimes accompanied by dizziness, nausea or even discomfort. The contents of the syringes and the motivations of the suspects remain unknown to investigators.

In only two cases, in Roanne and in the eastern Pyrenees, was GHB, a powerful psychotropic drug, detected. No alleged perpetrator has been arrested at this stage.

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