She cheats on him with 8 men: he takes revenge on their wedding day, it’s diabolical…

This story was first told on Graham Norton’s set. In an episode of this British talk show called, “The Graham Norton Show”, a viewer of the show was invited to the red chair.

A popular sequence

This part of the show consists of telling a strange story or a funny, shameful situation in front of the celebrities invited on the set. Whoever tells a funny story will get everyone’s applause and whoever fails to make people laugh will be thrown off the chair.

This episode, Sean Mclnerney had to tell the most bizarre marriage he had known. This is where he tells the story of the wedding he himself attended. The Revenge of the Cuckold Fiance has been told on TV and in front of viewers all over the world. In Ireland, the story even went viral on Twitter with the hashtags #GrahamNorton.

When Sean was questioned about the identities of the bride and groom, he preferred to say nothing. He did not know them, neither the bride and groom nor the family members, because he was invited there by his ex.


Contrary to the usual immediate reactions of people who have been cheated on by their partner, this groom showed great patience. When he heard about the deceptions of his dear fiancée and those with people he knew, he hatched a devilish plan. Before the reception, everything went well as planned. The bride must have been in heaven to live the most beautiful day of her life.

Everything was perfect, the preparations went smoothly. But this one had no idea what her future “husband” had reserved for her. She probably thought he would never find out how she cheated on him with eight different men and that when they were already engaged. The reception has started. As the speech began to toast the newlyweds, the groom took the lead to speak.

The guests would have already noticed that the groom was acting differently. Of course, he had his idea of ​​revenge in his head. He couldn’t wait to reveal everything and end this marriage!

To start, he offered the guests to play a little game. Games happen in weddings, nothing so surprising… Except that it was part of his plan. He then asked the guests to turn over the plates that were in front of them. All those who had plates in front of them with a red dot on them must remain standing while those who had normal plates can sit in their chairs.

One by one, the guests who didn’t have a red dot on their plate sat down wondering who had a red dot. In the end, eight men were left standing. The bride must have been surprised. Because she knew these men well. They are the ones she had affairs with.

Source: Pexel

Well-Organized Revenge

Eight men are now standing in the room. What is the groom going to ask? Will they have to dance, sing or something else, no one knew! Everyone was waiting for the next indication from the groom. Whoever started the little game finally spoke.

“Ladies and gentlemen, can you all please look at the gentlemen who have been left standing, they have all slept with my wife since we got engaged,” he said.

He then adds:

“I will now request an annulment of the marriage. »

With that, he left the reception room. How not to be surprised? It’s obvious, no one comes to a wedding expecting such an event! The guests were totally stunned by what had just happened. They all, including Sean Mclnerney, witnessed the most shameful day of the one who thought she could fool a man.

Sean remembered how shocked everyone was and felt the discomfort himself. They all left very quickly after the reception, he adds. This story should serve as a lesson to cheating regulars who never think about their partner’s feelings!

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