Rafael Nadal doesn't want to miss Wimbledon but...

Rafael Nadal doesn’t want to miss Wimbledon but…

I will be at Wimbledon if my body is ready to play Wimbledon“. Rafael Nadal did not get wet on Sunday after his new triumph at Roland Garros. The rest of the Spanish champion’s season, we will not yet go so far as to say of his career, is akin to a gigantic point For the first time in his life, he is theoretically in mid-season in a position to win the Grand Slam after his very first double Australian Open – Roland-Garros.

In practice, nothing is less certain. And it’s not a question of desire. “Wimbledon, it’s not a tournament I want to misshe assured. I love Wimbledon. No one wants to miss Wimbledon. I had great success there. I experienced tremendous emotions. I have a lot of respect for the tournament. I’m always ready to play Wimbledon.” But. Because there is a but, which Nadal summarizes in a clear way:

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“If someone asks me: ‘Do you want to win Wimbledon?’ Yes of course.”
“If I’m asked, ‘Are you going to play Wimbledon?’ I don’t have a clear answer.”

The Majorcan was able to respond to Roland-Garros at the cost of multiple injections into two nerves in his left foot, in order to numb the pain for the fortnight in Paris. But he does not want to renew this short-term solution. For the continuation, a treatment “by radio frequency” is being considered, he explained. Because he cannot continue to inject his foot indefinitely, this treatment, he hopes, could have the same virtues without the harmful effects of the injections.

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Let’s be confident and let’s be positive

If this solution is effective, it could allow him to continue playing for the next few weeks, at least, without feeling excessive pain. And therefore, potentially, to play Wimbledon. One thing is certain, he will not renew on the grass what he has inflicted on himself these last two (and even probably three) weeks. On this point, he was very clear on Sunday.

If I’m able to play with just anti-inflammatories, yes. But playing with anesthetic injections, no”, he warned. I don’t want to put myself in this situation again. I was able to do it once, but it’s not the philosophy of life I want to follow. So we’ll see. I am always a positive person. I’m still waiting for things to go in the right direction. Let’s be confident and be positive, and we’ll see what happens.”

Wimbledon will already be deprived of the one who will become world number one again on June 13, Daniil Medvedev, of Alexander Zverev, severely injured in the right ankle on Friday in the semi-finals of Roland-Garros against Rafael Nadal, or even of Andrey Rublev, three of the world’s top eight. Matteo Berrettini, finalist last year, has spent the last three months in the infirmary, even if he resumes competition on Monday in Stuttgart. In this context, a withdrawal from Nadal would be an additional blow. But maybe it’s time for him to be reasonable. Even if the desire does not fail.

Rafa Nadal at Wimbledon

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Roland Garros

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