netizens destroy film after premiere (25 tweets)

netizens destroy film after premiere (25 tweets)

Last month, we presented you with these facts that you probably did not know about the saga Jurassic Parkon the occasion of the upcoming release of the film Jurassic World: The World After, scheduled in our cinemas for this week. But some fans were able to see the third installment in the saga of Jurassic World in previewand it would seem that the film did not completely succeed in convincing everyone.

a first not very warm welcome

Jurassic World: The World After is the last part of the trilogy of Jurassic Worldfollowing the film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) as well as the short film Battle at Big Rock released in 2019. This is the sixth film in the cinematic series. Jurassic Parkhaving made its debut in 1993 with the famous film by Steven Spielberg.

The new movie Jurassic World 3 thus transports us four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar, where dinosaurs are now an integral part of human daily life, all over the world. Following their arrival, the fragile balance will call into question the domination of the human species, especially now that it must coexist with the creatures that reigned over this world several million years ago.

And if the film is not due to be released in our theaters until June 8, some fans have had the opportunity to see Jurassic World: The World After in preview, thus giving rise to strong criticism from Internet users.


#JurassicWorldDominion is absolutely catastrophic. A “mission” film made by a Spielberg fanboy to whom he keeps winking for 2h27, which regurgitates bad James Bond. People left the room before the end. I rolled my eyes 57 times.

June 4, 2022


What disappointment, what sadness. Everything is going too fast, a sort of Fast&Furious dino version. Dinos whose appearances we don’t have time to savor. It’s scattered over too many subjects, no emotion anywhere. The original cast deserved better. Shit. #JurassicWorldDominion

June 5, 2022


Great atmosphere at #LeGrandRex and thank you for this marathon #jurassicworld but unfortunately #JurassicWorldDominion broadcast in preview was not phew…

June 5, 2022


ud83dudea8 #JurassicWorldDominion is a disaster. I wasn’t expecting great things but it’s just a “Spielberg like” film without the talent of this one. Decidedly have made films with fan service and it is said to be grandiose!!! It will be quickly forgotten: I do not make criticism.

June 5, 2022


I come out of #JurassicWorldDominion. A disaster. Colin Trevorrow still does not know how to make a blockbuster worthy of the name. 3 min to save on the endless 2h27 of this film. And even.

June 4, 2022


I couldn’t have said it better… Huge disappointment. I had the impression of being in front of Fast & Furious at one point, the characters have all become superheroes, the dinosaurs are absolutely useless in the story. A massacre…. #JurassicWorldDominion

June 4, 2022


jurassic world 3 the worst movie of the whole saga
The original actors of the first trilogy do not save the film#JurassicWorldDominion

June 4, 2022


Not only #JurassicWorldDominion doesn’t deliver on the promise of the previous film’s ending, but on top of that it allows itself to be completely off topic with a global threat having nothing to do with dinosaurs. Its poor script makes it the worst film in the saga.

June 5, 2022


Good… #JurassicWorldDominion is simply abominable, I had sympathy for the first two episodes but this is catastrophic at all levels, I am only sad and disappointed in the face of such a failed show!

June 4, 2022


In terms of bad CGI we have a nice specimen

Otherwise the film too long for me, I expected nothing but at least to be a little entertained well not even it’s talkative very talkative #JurassicWorldDominion #JurassicWorldLeMondeDapres

June 4, 2022


I’m going to watch the unbeatable Jurassic Park right now to console myself for #JurassicWorldDominion .. there’s no denying it, in 93 he screwed up the game and in 2022 with ALL possible cinematographic and technological means, we can’t manage to make 1% of this masterpiece. Crazy.

June 4, 2022


#JurassicWorldDominion #JurassicWorld
It’s absolutely stupid, after 3 films the characters are still inconsistent. And besides, apart from the national geographic plans, it’s totally ugly (horrible inlays and green backgrounds, it’s incomprehensible at this level)!

June 4, 2022


Action movie that does the trick, but not really entertaining for a Jurassic. #JurassicWorldDominion

June 4, 2022


#JurassicWorldDominion the problem with cinema today is that they base everything on the special effects before the script!!!!

“WOW” is beautiful and PAN PAN! The rest becomes secondary for some screenwriters…

June 5, 2022


[no spoil] I don’t even know where to start, I would have preferred to be beaten up rather than this film exist #JurassicWorldDominion

June 4, 2022


after a 6h marathon, we saw the three Jurasik World, for me Dominion is the worst…by far.
magnificent special effects certainly, scenario not terrible at all.
end clap for the Dinos?

June 4, 2022


#JurassicWorldDominion , unfortunately it was a disappointment… the film is quite wacky and far too codified by doing what is strictly necessary to please, and this pleasure is not fully achieved. However, I retain some beautiful images and some good moments.

June 4, 2022

However, if many fans seem to have clearly not enjoyed the last installment of the trilogy Jurassic World, some have still managed to draw positive from this filmallowing the saga to find a form of conclusion, potentially opening up to something better for the future.


#JurassicWorldDominion is a film unfortunately frustrating on certain points and overloaded. Nevertheless the promise of the end of the 2 is held, I found this film different and relevant. I still like old and new characters and the show is there.
Yes I liked it.

June 5, 2022


It’s hard to describe this movie.

Because it’s both a rather nice conclusion, but a really PRO-WHEAT-MA-TIC film on a lot of points.

Afterwards, well, it’s like this trilogy.

A fairly daring trilogy in the end. #JurassicWorldDominion

June 4, 2022


My spoiler-free review!

An interesting, breathtaking and really very cool film.
Positive points: cast of old and recent, references (rare), the universe. The Malta Sequence.

Negative points: I was expecting more for the end of the saga. Disappointed

June 5, 2022


Against all expectations, this Jurassic World Dominionud83dude01 was not bad.

A little long at times and a lack of dino at times but we had a good time on a breathless license.#film #JurassicWorldDominion

June 5, 2022


Between horror and emotion, #JurassicWorldDominion concludes one of the best sagas of all time. A film that fits perfectly in its time by the themes addressed and what a pleasure to find the trio Ellie Sattler, Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm ♥️!

June 4, 2022


#JurassicWorldDominion concludes the great theme of his trilogy: finding one’s own identity.
The film meets this expectation, by showing that it is by learning from each generation that the characters can fulfill themselves.
A very satisfying conclusion!
Cheer @colintrevorrow

June 5, 2022


So when you look at the reviews for #JurassicWorldDominion : people who found it dreadful are mainly those who were born BEFORE the start of the first trilogy. Those who “really liked” were mainly born after the first trilogy.
That explains a lot of things

June 6, 2022


How #PrehistoricPlanet created such realistic dinosaurs. For those disappointed with #JurassicWorldDominion there is always this exceptional docu to watch ud83dudc4d

June 5, 2022

And to continue in the same theme, discover this actress who confirms that her character is bisexual in Jurassic World: The World Afterjust here.

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